Thesis Award 2016: The Guest Experience

10 March, 2016
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Students from six different Dutch hotel schools are getting ready for the Thesis Award, which is to be handed out on 31 March at Hotel Management School Maastricht. Amongst those six students is Lieke Stöver, who graduated from Hotelschool The Hague in March 2015. She did research into the guest experience at citizenM Hotel in Amsterdam for her thesis, and is hoping to win the Thesis Award 2016.

Lieke says the following about her thesis topic: “I chose to study at the hotel school because I have a great passion for food, and for service as well. However, during my studies I found out that people are not really looking for just good service or nice food; they really want an experience. The core of the thesis is about the guest experience at citizenM Hotel in Amsterdam, and I investigated how this hotel could evoke those guest emotions that really drive loyalty.” Lieke did research by conducting a thorough literature study which resulted into a new developed guest experience model that she used for further continuation of her study. 

The outcome of the study was very surprising. Lieke explains why: “The impact of fellow guests in the guest experience was not that much investigated yet. However, my results show that at citizenM Hotel Amsterdam, fellow guests do play a significant role in the guest experience there.  What I have learned from this study is that joy plays a significant role in the guest experience, and has a great impact on loyalty as well.”

Lieke believes that hospitality organisations should focus more on what makes guests happy and also how the connection between guests can be increased: “I think that if they do that, they will explore a whole new area of the guest experience.”

Watch the interview with Lieke Stöver below:

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