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1 April, 2015
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"Every encounter a hospitable encounter: a '9-plus' hospitality experience for city visitors"

Together with Citymarketing The Hague, the Chair currently works on realising the above ambition. Over the past four and a half years a lot of information was gathered and tools were developed: research findings and models; trainings, workshops, a toolkit,
e-learning modules and the successful Ambassador Programme with more than 300 proud residents who made the (hospitality) difference during the Hockey World Cup in The Hague.


Together with the municipality it has been agreed that it is now time to further embed hospitality into the heart of the city. Together with a core group of 40 so-called ‘hospitality makers’ – people who genuinely care about hospitality, representing organisations that really want to differentiate themselves with hospitality, in retail, culture, leisure, F&B, hotels, the municipality itself, entrepreneur associations, volunteers, and so forth – Hotelschool The Hague is working on the House of Hospitality, an online and offline community, for everyone who wants to work in a 'hospitable' city.

It is a collaborative network of people who share the same ambition, who want to share inspiration, knowledge and skills, and learn from best practices or support hospitality innovations, and so forth, and with a fundament built not from theory or drawing table, but driven by the needs and ideas of practice. In this way, the Chair can draw upon a new source, or utilise a new 'channel', to create value for the city of The Hague (or any city) and its stakeholders through implementation of the hospitality concept.

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About the author

Karoline Wiegerink

Karoline Wiegerink holds the Municipality of The Hague Chair in City Hospitality and City Marketing at Hotelschool The Hague. During her professional career she has always combined academic and practical work. As an economist and marketer she gained special experience in the field of live communication and event marketing. 

During several years in the late nineties she was a director at Erasmus Centre of Event Marketing (ECBM) and a lecturer at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. There she received her Ph.D. degree in Business Economics with a thesis about professional trade show visitors. Between 2007 and 2009 she worked as a part-time assistant professor at Nyenrode Business University, where she was responsible for the research programme of the Chair Event Marketing & Communication.

Until very recently she combined her work at the hotel school with an associate partnership at Holland Consulting Group (HCG) in Amsterdam, where she was a consultant in the field of marketing management, business planning & implementation, and various marketing accountability topics for companies in fields including the professional service industry, the communication industry and the hospitality sector. After having left HCG she has carried out consultancy and training activities at a freelance basis for HTH Training & Consultancy, among others she was responsible for the design and accreditation of thenew Master Hospitality Management of the hotel school, to be started in February 2014.

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