Must Reads of the Week: Hospitality and Technology

2 June, 2017
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Hotelschool The Hague’s Media Centre collects an abundance of interesting and relevant reports and articles about the Hospitality Industry. Today, we have gathered the must-reads of the week focussing on technology within hospitality. Happy reading!


Accenture's Tech Research Report discusses technology for people. IT trends and innovations of this year will stimulate and empower people to achieve more in the era of technological progression. Being ahead of the game during the digitalisation is useful for all businesses, and no less to hospitality. Find out how personal and working lives have been affected by the ever-changing technology and see how it can help you and your business!

Read the full report here: Technology For People - An Era of the Intelligent Enterprise


In this report, Deloitte explores technology trends, their impact and their potential. See how businesses and service changed and gain insights on how CFO's and financial organisations can use these opportunities to their benefit. Get inspired as to what these trends and progressions can mean for your field and business.

Read the full report here: Tech Trends 2017 - The kinetic enterprise


Profitroom and Deloitte performed a research about Hotel Marketing and its technological aspect. The report tells you all about their outlooks and expectations for the future and all your must-knows for this year. Stay up to date and knowledgeable on the right way to market and promote a hotel and optimise your communication with the guests.

Read the full report here: Hotel Marketing & Technology - Trends 2017

WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council)

The world of travel is changing, and the world of business change is no different. This paper from WTTC gives you full insights into how new and emerging technologies are contributing to this change, while simultaneously creating a whole new range of opportunities. According to them, these changes and opportunities could make a vast difference in GDP contribution from the Tourism & Travel sector.

Read the full report here: Maximising Opportunities for Business Travel Growth - A policies for growth white paper

McKinsey Global Insitute

McKinsey concludes that most tasks and jobs can be automated. This doesn't mean eliminating jobs, it means transforming them. By using currently demonstrated or developing technology more efficiently in the workplace, 49 percent of time spent of work activities could be automated. This means within every company and organisation there is a job that could be transformed to full effectiveness. Read the report and find out which jobs this includes.

Read the full report here: A Future That Works: Automation, Employment and Productivity

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