Must Reads of the Week: Hospitality and Travel

7 June, 2017
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Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre has gathered a lot of new, interesting reports and articles for you to read. This week, we have put together the must reads regarding hospitality and travelling. Hospitality is an essential part of travelling, and these reports describe in detail what you need to know about the Hospitality Industry and the modern traveller.

EMEA - Travel Dashboard

Travelling happens online more than ever before. Planning a journey, navigating your way through unknown streets or even sharing your experiences right away, the modern traveller is always connected. This means that all customer journeys and the process of purchase has been completely re-designed. This dashboard, based on Google Data, is updated every 3 months and offers you an insight into the moments of intent of the travelling customer. Find patterns and trends and let it help you be prepared for the seasons ahead!

Click here to see the full dashboard: Travel Dashboard.

Skift - Lifestyle Habits of the 24/7 Business Traveller

Corporate travelling is not the same as travelling for leisure. The needs and demands are different between the two, and those needs and demands are rapidly changing. Business travellers look for up-to-date technology in all aspects of travel, as well as 24/7 access to facilities and resources. Everything revolves around making it easier for the business traveller to work more efficiently. Read the report and find out how your business can cater to the specific needs of the corporate traveller, and how you can make a difference in their work.

Click here to read the full report: Lifestyle Habits of the 24/7 Business Traveller

ACTE Global - The Sharing Economy and Managed Travel

This white paper, based on results from a study conducted by ACTE Global (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), gives you an insight in the personal opinions and experiences of corporate travel buyers and managers. These results led to a series of recommendations for corporations and how they can best engage with the phenomenon of the business traveller. Use it to your advantage!

To read the full report, please click here: The Sharing Economy and Managed Travel

Colliers - Culture and Heritage Travel

Culture tourism has many different aspect, including sharing local traditions, history, art, music, literature and cuisine. To explore all of these aspects, a traveller needs to undertake a vast range of activities. Examples include visiting sites, monuments and exhibitions, but also attending festivals and participating in cooking classes. This report provides an insight into the job opportunities this cultural tourism has, educational benefits and heritage preservation, but also discusses the challenge of maintaining cultural integrity.

To read the full report, please click here: Culture and Heritage Travel

World Economic Forum & Travelport - Maximising the Opportunities for Business Travel Growth

The World Economic Forum and Travelport aim to gain an understanding of the economic and consumer trends in business travel. By understanding these trends, opportunities for destinations and business travel providers arise, to ensure benefits for all parties involved. Read the report and use the trends to your company's advantage; You'll be well prepared for things to come!

To read the full white paper report, please click here: Maximising the Opportunities for Business Travel Growth

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