Must Reads of the Week: Trends 2017

23 January, 2017
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The must reads of this week, gathered by the Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre, discuss the forecasts on trends for 2017. These reports focus on different industries that have everything to do with hospitality.

Deloitte U.S.

Consumer expenditure on services has significantly increased in the past 10 years. Deloitte researched what this means to the travel and hospitality business and what trends will emerge in the industry in the coming year. These trends are both from an economic as well as a technological point of view.

Read the full report: 2017 Travel & Hospitality Industry Outlook

Ericsson Consumer Lab

What are the newest trends among consumers? And how can a hospitality driven organisation use these trends to their advantage? Ericsson Consumer Lab lays out the ten most visible upcoming consumer trends for 2017.

Read the full report: Ten Hot Consumer Trends 2017


Baum+Whiteman is an international food and restaurant consultancy. This conclusion to their international research reports on all food and drinks-related trends. Find out what dishes and cuisines are becoming increasingly popular, what culinary trends are emerging and what will dominate the restaurant industry the upcoming year.

Read the full trends report: 13 Hottest Food & Beverage Trends in Restaurant & Hotel Dining for 2017

Global Wellness Summit

Hospitality is a crucial element when it comes to wellness. The Global Wellness summit researched what guests are really looking for when going on a wellness retreat and put together the 8 most important trends for 2017.

Read the full Global Wellness Summit paper: 8 Wellness Trends 2017


After surveying 8000 different hotels, Travelmarketreport developed a list of the six trends in the industry to seriously take into consideration in 2017. Convenience and safety rank as a top priority, but why?

Read the full article: Six Hotel Trends for 2017

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