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8 May, 2017
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We have gathered some more must-reads of this week for you! The Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre has put together a variety of discussions about forecasts on trends for 2017 and reports on the direction the hospitality industry is heading. The focus is on a variety of different hospitality aspects. Happy reading!


The millennials have outnumbered the Baby Boomers – and are now officially the largest generation in history. With their prime spending years just around the corner, a vast percentage of them is opting for non-traditional lifestyles, like travelling. This Millennial Traveller Report tells you exactly about the values Millennials hold and why they choose to invest in travel experiences like they do.

Read the report: Millenial Traveller Report - Why Millenials will shape the next 20 years of travels


A period of political volatility is rising in the global economies. This has an impact on the way consumers behave and the economic landscape in general. Euromonitor made this report to lay down exactly what the top trends will be within a variety of sectors, including Digital Consumers, Income and Expenditure and Business Dynamics.

Read the report: Global Economies and Consumers 2017


F&B has always been an important part of the hospitality industry. It hasn’t stopped changing in the past few years, which is why it is important to be on top of the upcoming food trends for this year. Sterling-Rice has put down 10 cutting-edge culinary trends for 2017 – a must-read for everyone who’s interested or involved in the culinary industry.

Read the trends: Sterling-Rice Group's Culinary Trends 2017


Flavour is the basis of food and thus, the cornerstone of the culinary industry. In the McCormick Flavour Forecast of 2017, the trends and ingredients that shape the future of flavour are identified. This includes a new take on Mediterranean cuisine, Plancha grilling and a global approach to breakfast.

Read the forecast: 2017 Grilling Flavour Forecast


Creating a coveted – desired by many – hotel experience is the ultimate goal for hoteliers. Phocuswright conducted a survey for Oracle, polling more than 2700 Western travellers, to understand and lay out the impact that technology has on the travelling experience. Hoteliers from chains and independent hotels shed a light on how to align the evolvements with the expectations of travellers. These insights are essential for catering to the needs and demands of the modern traveller.

Read the report: Creating the Coveted Hotel Guest Experience - Perspectives from Consumers and Hoteliers

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