Interview with Caipi Boys, Tim Conyn & Yaron Menneken

2 February, 2015
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We had the idea to start the Caipiboys one day and that idea actually came from our third member who went to Brazil and just returned. Tim was a poor student, I was a poor entrepreneur since I had another company but that didn’t go that well, and our third member was a poor pilot since he didn’t have a job.

Yaron: I didn’t became a member of the student association, but I did got myself involved with the student life and definitely made some friends for life. I find it interesting to see what everyone is doing now, getting jobs in different fields. I think it’s quite extraordinary that, even though they do not work in hospitality, they are all quite good at what they are doing. They are all very ambitious.

I really enjoyed Gastronomy from Mr. Gallicano, because he can tell in such a passionate way. But I think all the subjects were important, because you still use those now.

My first internship was at St. Barts. I was a cook there and I really loved doing that, because I couldn’t really cook and I had two French chefs teaching me. I also learned French because of that. My second internship was at an office and I discovered that I never ever want to do that. But, it’s good because I learned a lot about myself there. 

Tim: I am still a student, this is going to be my fifth year. I hope to graduate in January. I have never been really involved with the student life, because I already had my own life and my own group of friends.

I especially like the whole 3rd fase actually. It is all very interesting and instructive; especially Strategy Development, because it feels like you are really working on something professional. I also liked the more creative subjects, develop new concepts.

I did my first internship in Kaapstad; B Hotel. I really enjoyed the city but didn’t like working at a hotel. So I did my second internship at Culpepper. It has all the aspects of a hotel but you have a different way of approach with your guests.

We do Caipiboys for fun. We all work very hard, but we enjoy it so much. I think we shaked 20.000 cocktails in one season. And we do not only serve Caiprihina but also other ‘easy’ cocktails. Not easy because we are lazy, but more the easy-drinkable. And we give them a small twist with strawberries for instance. But the cocktails are actually just a small part. It’s more about the experience. We should be able to give a certain vibe.

And that’s something you learn at the Hotelschool; it’s basically not about the product, but about everything around it. Of course, the product is important, it should be a good product. But you can stand out with the other factors.

The goal is to build our own resort. If we don’t have that within 5 years we are actually doing this for nothing. We want to combine the hospitality industry with sports, preferably at the beach. That probably won’t be in the Netherlands because the waves aren’t good here.

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