7 restaurants for take-out in The Hague (and the around areas) owned by HTH alumni

9 April, 2021
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The article you have been waiting for is here - a list of 7 restaurants for take-out in The Hague (and the around areas) owned by HTH alumni!

Hospitality-business owners, including many of the HTH alumni community, were impacted when they had to temporarily shutter their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Dutch authorities are working on adjustments to re-open local terraces by the end of April, we are thrilled to share a list of HTH alumni-owned businesses for take-out and delivery!

From healthy wraps to cocktails and Meditteranean food you will find your next favorite spots in the city. When you’re planning your next mealneed a coffee or a cocktail, check out these businesses in the HTH family; and remember, this list is just a starter course!

Are you an alumnus owning a restaurant, or do you know a fellow alumnus that does? Send us an email at smc@hotelschool.nl and be featured in our next blog post!

1. Happy Tosti - Jasper Kool, Sam Holtus, Wibe Smulders

Hip place, good food, and great employees with a work disability. At Happy Tosti, more than 65% of all hours worked are executed by employees with an occupational disability.

Choose a dish among: “OH MY GOAT” Tosti's with goat cheese, egg, figs, broad beans, and honey, Mozzarella Panini with Mozarella (what a surprise) pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted broad beans and rocket salad, or the VEGGIE Panini with Hummus, Pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, bio cheese, egg, roasted broad beans and rocket salad

Address: Korte Poten 5 2511 EB Den Haag

Price:  €€

Order your delivery or take-away boxes here: thuisbezorgd.nl


2. Boosty - By Philippe van de Wetering

At Boosty’s, it’s all about salads and sandwiches! Boosty offers them for pick-up, but also delivers them to your home or your workplace! You’re lucky, there are two Boosty’s in The Hague!
Choose a dish among: the “Hummus-Sandwich” with hummus, grilled courgette, bell pepper, pine nuts, rocket salad, and pesto or the Couscous Salad with falafel, couscous, feta, grilled courgette, carrot, cucumber, baby spinach, and Mediterranean dressing

Address: Frederik Hendriklaan 294 2582 BN Den Haag

Price:  €

Order your delivery or take-away boxes here: https://www.boosty.nl/


3. Wrapinez – By Domenique van Nielen & Magnus Magnusson

At Wrapinez you can get your healthy wraps! Their Piadina is lighter and less caloric, as they replace certain components with healthier ones!

Choose a dish among: Spinach quinoa wrap with Feta, wild spinach, grilled potatoes, quinoa, and lemon mayonnaise or a Döner chicken with tzatziki, grilled halal kebab, tomato, wild spinach, and grilled red bell pepper.

Address: Torenstraat 82 2513 BT Den Haag

Price:   €

Order your delivery here: https://www.thuisbezorgd.nl/en/menu/wrapinez


4. Restaurant Medi – By Domenique van Nielen & Magnus Magnusson

Pop-Up Medi is inspired by the Mediterranean, Medicine, and Meditation! What do these three have in common? Take care and be aware of yourself, the planet, and the people around you! 

Until they are open, they offer fresh and local produce through https://www.rechtstreex.nl/

Address: Torenstraat 82 2513 BT Den Haag


Find out more here: https://medirestaurantgroup.com/


5. Café-Cocktailbar Luna in Delft – Gino van Hanswijk

In the mood for a cocktail? Located at Delft'smain square, Cocktailbar Luna serves delicious cocktails! Apart from cocktails, you can also enjoy a cocktail workshop with friends!

Address: Markt 69 2611 GS Delft

Price:   €€

Find out more here: https://www.cafeluna-delft.nl/


6. Gastrovino La Liguria - Chris Brosius

An Italian restaurant in which all the food you get is slow food. The products all are directly sourced from Italy. Here you can enjoy international wines and delicacies!

Choose a dish among: Antipasti mix, Panini with Vitello tonnato, Pasta or Lasagne, Pollo Al Limone (chicken in lemon sauce) or Stinco Di Agnello Al Vino Rosso (lamb stewed in red wine)

Address: Kranenburgweg 201 2583 ER Den Haag

Price:    €€

Find out more on https://www.gastrovinolaliguria.nl/scheveningen/nl/

Order your delivery or take-away boxes here: scheveningen@gastrovinolaliguria.nl
(one day in advance) or call 070-2390029.


7. Bayonne Restobar -Hidde Griffioen & Bon van der Linde


OPENING SOON: Located at the Anna Paulownaplein you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the sunny terrace.

Address: Anna Paulownaplein 3 2518 BK Den Haag

Price:    €€

Find out more here: https://www.bayonnerestobar.nl

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