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1 May, 2017
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Marcello Magaldi is an Alumnus of the MBA programme at Hotelschool The Hague. He graduated in 2015, as a part of the first class of graduates. Since then, he has worked for different companies and currently works as a Customer Account Manager for Coravin.

Having graduated from the Hotelschool The Hague MBA Programme in 2015, I was in the first round of graduates of the Master Programme. Afterwards, I first joined Progressive GE, a multinational company that I did my thesis for. It was my plan from the beginning, to create something that would ultimately lead to a job. One week after my graduation I started working there full-time. Progressive GE was a very corporate environment and despite my age (28 years old at the time), it was my first corporate experience. After a year, I decided I would perform better in a different environment and I started looking for other opportunities. This is when I came across Coravin, the company I am currently working for.

What really set me apart in looking for a job in Amsterdam, was my set of language skill. Speaking different languages differentiated me from my competitors. I focussed on companies that were looking for Italian speaking MBA graduates and I definitely preferred Coravin amongst all of them.

Coravin is a very innovative start-up in the wine market. They designed and created a product that allows you to pour wine without removing the cork, which is quite a revolution. They were looking for someone who spoke English, Spanish and Italian and I was looking for a small-scale company, where I could really make a difference and be part of a small team. I started in August 2016, and now I work as a Customer Account Manager. It is everything I was looking for in a job. What I love about my job is the flexibility, the freedom and of course the wine! As Coravin is such a small company, I feel like I’m not just a number but really an asset to the firm. I am the only Customer Account Manager for Italy and Spain, so I have a lot of responsibilities and I get to travel to many different places. When you love what you do and love the product you represent, it almost doesn’t feel like you are working.

The most valuable lesson I learned from the MBA Programme, is that hospitality can be used to a much bigger extent than just within the traditional hospitality industry. Now, I use my hospitality background to be able to provide people with a real experience. The practical side of the MBA Programme really stood out to me and helped me in real life situations. Actually, putting theory into practice is how you learn. The connections and the networking are also very valuable to me.

My advice to (future) MBA students would be: 'Embrace the broader meaning of hospitality. Hospitality is everywhere. By knowing and applying this, you can open any door.'

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