Interview with the sisters Kirsten and Birgit van der Woning

5 June, 2018
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All in the family: We spoke with sisters Kirsten and Birgit van der Woning and they told us everything about their Hotelschool experiences.

KIRSTEN: I am currently working as a Web Analytics Consultant and Lead Consultant for a few large companies within The Netherlands. After my last internship and graduation, I started working in the media industry, for several publishers. I ended up working for National Geographic Magazine as a Product Manager and E-commerce Coordinator. As I wanted to be part of the digital and online revolution, I started to specialise in web analytics at the well-known online marketing agency OrangeValley in April 2015. This has been a perfect decision.

Looking back at my time at Hotelschool The Hague, I have many great memories. From the start until the end, I enjoyed my time at the school. Skotel was great, one year of great fun and meeting many awesome and new people. This was followed by the next highlight, my internship in Barcelona; a great city where I had a great working experience. Also working with Marit Berssenbrugge as a Marketing Student Ambassador on Selection and Open Days has been a real pleasure. I also met my boyfriend at Hotelschool The Hague and we have now been together for several years!

To the current students my advice would be to make the most out of your studies while not forgetting to be a student, meaning: to have a lot of fun. Moreover, figure out what your interests are and start focusing on them during your studies. This helped me to launch my career. And lastly: Go digital, it is the now and the future.

BIRGIT:  Two and a half years after Kirsten, I applied for Hotelschool The Hague. My sister’s stories made me realise that Hotelschool The Hague would be the right choice for me as well, so I applied. It is so important to do what you love in order to become who you want to be and what you want to be!

Throughout my time at Hotelschool The Hague, there have been many great memories. Personally, the Outdoor Programme has been a unique and awesome experience as well as my first and second internship. Moreover, just like my sister, I enjoyed the opportunity to work as a student ambassador and learned a lot from this experience. I also made some very close friends at Hotelschool The Hague. 



Even though it was very difficult to find a job during the time I applied, I was lucky and found a position as Assistant Manager in a restaurant after graduating. It turned out to be a different job than expected. Luckily, the company offered me another position at a new location as Restaurant Supervisor. This was a great opportunity for me as the restaurant wasn’t open to the public yet, so I was able to learn from scratch how to open a restaurant and to develop my leadership skills. As I actually always wanted to work in Marketing & Sales and/or Events, I was very happy when the position for Sales & Events Coordinator was offered to me afterwards.

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