5 Tips On How To Beat Your Phone Addiction

27 May, 2018
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Did you check your phone first thing in the morning? Have you ever found yourself checking funny memes sent by your friends rather than finishing that important assignment? Were you refreshing your Facebook page during the romantic dinner date last week? Then we could conclude that your smartphone is interfering in your life and you are addicted… We have listed 5 tips that might help you to beat your phone addiction.

1. Create no-phone time-zones
It is very common to have your smartphone within reach during work. Only during 20% of your day you need your phone in order to perform, during the other 80% of the time it is simply distracting you. It is advisable to create no-phone time-zones during which you place your phone out of sight in order to enhance your productivity. 

2. Get a real alarm clock
If checking your phone is the first thing you do after waking up, this can be considered as a serious issue. The first 30 minutes of every morning should be committed to creating a favourable start of your day. Make sure to have a separate device for your morning alarm and do not look at your smartphone for at least the first 30 minutes after waking up.

3. Turn off notifications
Being notified by a new like on Instagram or a new message in a group chat with your high-school friends only causes interruption from things with priority. By turning off notifications your day will be more productive. Do not forget to leave notification on for apps that are important, such as email and calendar. 

4. No phone, no bill
Have you ever had a lunch with a friend during which she/he was constantly looking at his/her phone? Eliminate this problem and become more social with your close friends or business associates by implementing the following rule: All attendees place their phone in the centre of the table, whoever touches their phone first has to take care of the bill. 

5. Know what you do
Keep track of your progress by installing one of the following apps:
- Moment , this app shows you how many minutes per day you spend on your phone, as well as how many times you unlock the device.
- Checky, provides you with the same information as Moment, but this app is applicable for both IPhone and Android devices. 

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