Aging as a Driving Force of Change

3 December, 2015
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“Life goes by so fast, so always eat your dessert first!” Yes, life does go by fast, but the demographic earthquake called aging is also evolving quickly. The age group 25 to 49, being the most important age group in the worldwide economy, is shrinking with an impressive impact. At the same time, the 50+ market with a relatively high net disposable income and equity, is increasing with an impressive impact.

A Wake-up Call for the Hospitality Industry

Reason being that Edgar Keehnen, Lecturer Strategy, Marketing, and Innovation, has started a research program at the Research Centre, called Grey Ocean @ Hospitality. In his new textbook, Grey Ocean Strategy, Agewise Marketing for the Mature Consumer, he describes clearly how to develop a successful Grey Ocean Strategy (available at the Media Centre). But how do we develop successful strategies in the hospitality industry to exploit the opportunities of aging as a driving force of change? 

Six Lycar students, Thom Minekus, Ina Koch, Caroline Navarro, Kirstin Kuusk, Steffie Geurts, and Ahn Son Phom have already started with their research. Together with Mr Jeroen Bosman, Edgar Keehnen will be writing the next book GreyOcean Strategies for the Hospitality Industry. The outcome of these research assignments will be referred to in this textbook.

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Want to know more about the Grey Ocean? Do have a look at the e-book Grey Ocean Strategy with highlights.  

About the author

Edgar Keehnen

Edgar Keehnen earned his M.B.A. at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, after studies at Nyenrode Business University, and the University of Michigan. In 2000 he founded AgeWise, an agency for concept development, research, consultancy and advertising for the mature consumer. Keehnen is currently a lecturer Strategy, Marketing, and Innovation at Hotelschool The Hague.

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