Article in Hospitality Management: What does the hotel guest want?

12 June, 2015
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How many different pillows can your guests choose from? Do you offer in-room entertainment such as a Playstation? And besides, those iPhone docking stations that guests could use as an alarm clock, hopefully you can exchange for a model the iPhone 6 fits on.

New innovations make it possible to improve our offerings; at the same time the competition forces us to remain committed to not get behind on new trends and to keep developing unique features to differentiate ourselves. But what are guests actually really looking for? I went looking for answers. Read the article that was published in Hospitality Magazine this year (in Dutch).

About the author

Anna de Visser-Amundson

Anna de Visser-Amundson, Research Fellow in Consumer Choice Behaviour, obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Switzerland and her Masters Degree in Marketing from the VU University in the Netherlands. Before embarking on an academic career, Mrs. De Visser-Amundson held management positions in both multinational hotel companies and in independent operators in France, United States, Ireland and the Dutch Caribbean. Triggered by the motivation, self confidence and eagerness to learn of many of her Hotelschool interns during her time as Sales and Marketing Director, Mrs. De Visser-Amundson was delighted to accept a position as Senior Marketing Lecturer at the Hotelschool The Hague when she relocated with her family to the Netherlands in 2008.

In summer of 2013, she became a Research Fellow in the research group Strategic Pricing & Revenue Management. She finds great strength in being able to combine her commercial hospitality background with academic insights both when it comes to working with students but also in research. Understanding the challenges and the opportunities in running a hospitality business by 'having been there', gives her a perspective to the research that is difficult to apply if you have not experienced it yourself. Driven by her sales background to get "heads in beds", where understanding the consumer choice process is key to make the deal, Mrs. de Visser-Amundson is particularly interested in how hospitality companies can differentiate their offerings by means of customization, its effect on consumer choice, consumer experiences, perceived value and willingness to pay.

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