Hotelschool The Hague & Colliers latest report on Airbnb in Dutch cities, 2017

19 March, 2018
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The number of overnight stays booked in the Netherlands via the Airbnb booking platform is continuing to rise. Nearly 2.1 million overnight stays were booked in Amsterdam in 2017. An increase of more than 25% compared to 2016. Airbnb also experienced strong growth in three other major cities. The number of overnight stays in Utrecht doubled to 156,000, in Rotterdam the number increased by 32% to 154,000 and the growth was 46% in The Hague, with 184,000 booked overnight stays, according to the findings of the Airbnb report produced by property advisors Colliers International and Hotelschool The Hague and which was published on 15 March.

Airbnb is growing faster than hotels

The Netherlands is popular with tourists from both at home and abroad. The number of overnight hotel stays grew significantly faster in the Netherlands than the average in the rest of Europe: 9% compared to 5%. In Amsterdam the plus figure was even an impressive 12% (15.6 million overnight stays). However, Airbnb’s growth in Amsterdam was even bigger last year with 25%. This resulted in an increased market share of almost 12%. A comparable image is evident in other cities, also resulting in an increased Airbnb market share. For example, 1 in 5 overnight stays in Utrecht are now being booked via this platform.

Dirk Bakker, Head of EMEA Hotels at Colliers International: “Dutch hotels are doing very well from an international point of view. The even higher Airbnb growth figures show how popular this platform is and how it has managed to conquer a permanent spot in the hotel landscape. We are expecting a market share of between 12 and 14%.”

420,000 additional overnight stays

Amsterdam saw the number of Airbnb overnight stays rise by 420,000 to 2.1 million. In comparison: a total of 2.2 million overnight stays were booked in Berlin last year and 6.7 million in London. Airbnb overnight stays remain concentrated in the same districts. Oud-West/De Baarsjes is currently the city’s most popular destination and took over the top spot from the current number two, Centrum-West.

The number of accommodations actively let in Amsterdam rose by 7.5% in 2017 to almost 28,000. More than 38% of this was managed by hosts with several accommodations. This is an indication that part of what’s on offer is let by professional parties. Despite the newly introduced legislation, research shows there is currently no indication that the number of available accommodations is decreasing.

Explosive growth in Utrecht

One striking aspect is that the biggest Airbnb growth can be seen in Utrecht. The number of booked overnight stays here rose by 97% to 156,000. The centre is the most popular neighbourhood for tourists to spend the night. Almost a quarter of all overnight stays were booked here. The average price for a night in the Domstad was 75 euro, an increase of 6%. The number of accommodations successfully let increased by 32% to 2,180. More than 33% of these were let by hosts with several accommodations.

Jeroen Oskam, Research Director at Hotelschool The Hague added: “Our research nuances the image that Airbnb’s growth is levelling off. Even though the number of accommodations on Airbnb is still experiencing some limited growth, the total overnight stays and visitors are continuing to experience rapid growth.”

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