How To Start Off A Great Week

27 May, 2018
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It is Sunday evening. You are exhausted since you have had a weekend full of activities, maybe even too many activities. You still need to prepare things related to work/school as you have been procrastinating throughout the entire weekend… You do not have the energy to get up and do the laundry that has been staring at you since Thursday afternoon. So you rather open your laptop to watch the latest episode of Suits. Can you identify yourself with the description mentioned above? Keep reading for some tips on how to start off a great week!

Set goals
By setting goals for the week ahead, you will be more productive. Write the goals down in a nicely organized manner. Place the sheet with goals where you look at it most. This helps you to remind yourself to meet the goals and therefore you will be more productive. By writing goals down, your head will be more organized and you will be able to deliver work of a more creative and higher standard. 

Do that thing you have been resisting to do
For example, the laundry I mentioned before, get up and do the laundry!
By continuously resisting that one thing, it will get stuck in your head and therefore you cannot concentrate on other important tasks. It does not necessarily have to be something like doing the laundry, you can also finally call that friend that you have been willing to call for over 2 weeks now.


Do things in advance
By planning ahead and preparing things in advance, you will be ready tomorrow morning to start of your week. Pack your bags, so that in the morning when you are still sleepy and your head is still in the clouds you won’t forget your agenda or wallet.
When people get busy, their healthy lifestyle is the first thing that suffers from this, you can prevent this by preparing your meals in advance. 

Do not give in to the Monday myth
When on Sunday evening we think of the upcoming morning, the anxiety creeps in. Change your mindset and tell yourself Monday morning is actually the best moment of the week. If this doesn’t help, remember there is a Tuesday… 

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