Join the virtual ‘’Hospitality Tomorrow’’ conference next Tuesday 7 April!

4 April, 2020
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Hospitality Tomorrow is a virtual conference that will bring together industry leaders to discuss the unprecedented economic circumstances caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and what the industry can do collectively to rebuild confidence. Hotelschool The Hague is proud to participate in such inspiring and innovative conference.

The virtual event will take place on 7 April, from 9:45 to 16:30 (British Summer Time – BST). Topics on the agenda will cover interesting matters such as the economics of coronavirus, how to survive the greatest adversity of our time, the nine-essential leadership behaviours needed in a crisis, the outlook to recovery, how to capitalise on the upturn when it comes and the new post-COVID reality. 

Amongst the 52 speakers, you can find Dr. Paul Stoltz, who is announced as “one of the 100 most influential thinkers of our time”. Dr. Stoltz is a member of Stanford University’s Distinguished Leaders, and he was recently invited as a keynote speaker at our HTH AQ Conference last year, and at TEDxHotelschoolTheHague end of February this year. 

In the afternoon, you can listen to our very own Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mr. Wolfgang Neumann, who will be participating in a panel discussion on ‘communicating in crisis’, together with Mr. David Tarsh (CEO,Tarsh Consulting), Mr. Peter Greenberg (Travel Editor, CBS News) and Mr. Arnie Weissmann (Editor in Chief, Travel Weekly).

Hotelschool The Hague will also have a virtual booth, don’t forget to virtually stop by and say hi! Yes, digital exhibition is now possible: browse through virtual exhibition booths and engage in a live video conversation with a representative of the exhibitor.

Hospitality Tomorrow 2020 is a free virtual conference for HTH students and lecturers, you are all welcome. For more info and to register, please click here:

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