'Kijkje in de Keuken' this time at 'De Ooievaart'

26 July, 2018
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On Monday 18 June, House of Hospitality hosted a 'Kijkje in de Keuken' together with De Ooievaart. Peter Duivesteijn - Director of Stichting De Ooievaart - welcomed everyone at the office and told the inspiring story of De Ooievaart. Stories regarding how to deal with volunteers who are not on the same page and how guests are entertained in the most genuine way, refreshed the participants’ view on hospitality. Peter figured that he could not get his message across better, than by letting everyone experience the guests’ journey and so we were treated on a boat tour.

Did you know that:

  • The roots of De Ooievaart lie in improving the neighbourhood’s reputation?
  • Goodwill in the neighbourhood was created by being friendly towards people standing at the quay?
  • De Ooievaart’s activities also enhanced the initiative of neighbours getting to know one another in the neighbourhood, which increased the safety in certain neighbourhoods?
  • De Ooievaart’s tours are always led by a sailor and a guide, to ensure the guests’ safety and optimise the storyline?
  • De Ooievaart’s hospitality is based on good team work and mutual respect?
  • The transparent business model of De Ooievaart avoids conflicts among the organisation and the volunteers?
  • You can buy a “good weather insurance” when you book a tour with De Ooievaart?
  • At least 2 bridges were adjusted to ensure that the boats of De Ooievaart could pass through?

What else did we learn?

  • Hospitality starts with internal motivation: a friendly collaboration between the sailor and guide;
  • Hospitality is also about taking the initiative to accomplish goodwill in the neighbourhood;
  • The good weather guarantee offers several advantages: the guests feel at ease when booking their tour, the customer service runs more efficiently (fewer complaints), a profitable business model is created and De Ooievaart’s potential weakness is turned into a strength;
  • Humour and enthusiasm are valuable ingredients for a memorable experience.

Quotes of participants

Great to see how hospitality and friendliness contributed to the atmosphere in the neighbourhood.

Refreshing to hear that authentic stories combined with humour can make a difference in delivering hospitable service.

No matter how negative the responses of neighbours or other stakeholders are, if you stay friendly and positive, sooner or later these people will change their attitude anyway; amazing!’’

More information?

Should you have any further questions regarding this ‘Kijkje in de Keuken’, please do not hesitate to contact us via team@houseofhospitality.co!

House of Hospitality is a collaborative community of hospitality makers. During each edition of ‘Kijkje in de Keuken’, a different company gives the community insight in their backstage activities, where they create wow experiences for the guests. These events are considered to be the core activity of the community. Disappointed that you missed this event with De Ooievaart? Interested to join? You are more than welcome to attend the next ‘Kijkje in de Keuken’ at De Bijenkorf. More information about this upcoming event will follow soon at our Facebook page: House of Hospitality.

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