'Kijkje in de Keuken' this time at Madurodam

9 May, 2018
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On Tuesday 27 March, House of Hospitality hosted a 'Kijkje in de Keuken' at Madurodam. Dorien Korsten, Manager Corporate Relations & Development and Yvette Nieboer, Manager Marketing & Sales gave the participants a warm welcome and showed them around in the park, including the atelier. They proudly presented the history of the park and the story of George Maduro. After the tour, the team shared the unique experiences of Madurodam. Do you wonder what makes Madurodam more than just a miniature city? Do you want to find out more about how they create unique experiences? Then continue reading!

       Did you know?

  • Staff members get a personal budget each year, which they can use to surprise a guest;

  • Madurodam uses registration cards at the entrance to gather the guests’ contact details;

  • This information is also used to send a survey after the guests’ visit, in order to measure guest satisfaction;

  • This feedback is gathered within 24 hours after the visit and implemented in daily goals;

  • Madurodam is therefore able to continuously improve the touch points in the customer journey;

  • Madurodam also uses the contact details to send the guests’ souvenirs after their visit;

  • Storytelling is used within the new attractions of the park, related to the rich history of The Netherlands;

  • All scale models are handmade in the atelier, which is located underneath the Panorama Café;

  • Madurodam invests in new indoor activities, in order to increase the duration of the guests’ visit;

  • The park does not have a maximum number of visitors during peak season;

  • During peak season, the Marketing Department tries to spread the number of visitors over the day by offering special deals;

  • The number of employees during peak season is twice the number of employees during low season.

        What else did we learn?

  • How the image of Madurodam, being “just a miniature city”, can be changed;

  • How Madurodam gathers customer data;

  • How the employees are being motivated to deliver “wow experiences”;

  • How the customer data is used to set daily goals to improve performance;

  • How Madurodam makes its attractions more interactive, in order to attract the new generation of children.

Quotes of participants

“The idea of giving your employees a budget to surprise your guests is amazing!”

“Sending souvenirs after the guest’s visit is a great way to extend their journey.”

“Especially the tour in the atelier showed how dedicated Madurodam is to create something beautiful”

“Surprise your guest: great initiative!”

“Interesting to hear how Madurodam focuses on the guest throughout their visit: not only when they enter or when they leave.”

Should you have any further questions regarding this Kijkje in de Keuken, then please do not hesitate to contact us via team@houseofhospitality.com

House of Hospitality is a collaborative community of hospitality makers. With each edition of 'Kijkje in de Keuken', a different company gives the community insight in their backstage activities, where they create memorable experiences for the guests. These events are considered to be the core activity of the community. Are you interested to join the following edition hosted by House of Hospitality? You are more than welcome to attend the next 'Kijkje in de Keuken' at HTM. More information about this upcoming event will follow soon at our Facebookpage: House of Hospitality.

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