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30 October, 2017
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Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre has gathered a lot of interesting articles for you to read. This week, we have put together the must-reads regarding travelling. Enjoy the latest articles focusing on travel forecast & trends.

2018 Global Travel Forcast

Global economic prospects are improving in 2017. We should see further improvement in 2018, as the global economy is expecting. The 2018 Travel Forcast shows global airfares are expected to rise 3.25% in 2018; hotel prices are expected to be 3.7% higher; and ground transportation such as taxi, trains and buses are expected to rise only 0.6% - significantly less than the 3% inflation forecast for 2018. The currency, inflation and oil prices all remain the central outlook for the global economy and global travel prices in 2018. 

Click here to see the full report: 2018 Global Travel Forcast

Fuel: 2017 Travel Website Behaviour Study: Know Your Guest

If your website is ineffective, your entire marketing budget is spent for nothing. Fuel together with did a research, based on over 2,000 traveller surveys. The results of the research show how to understand the behaviour and demands of leisure travellers when researching for a hotel. Know Your Guest is a report about how you can improve your website by finding out who is visiting, how they got there & what they want.

To read the full paper report, please click here: 2017 Travel Website Behaviour Study 

6 Factors Impacting Global Incentive Travel

According to Aberdeen Research, 100% of “best-in-class” companies (those with the highest customer retention and sales growth numbers) offer group travel to recognise year-end sales success. And while the concept of incentive travel works, understanding how to deliver the most motivating and memorable experiences is what keeps it working.

Taking into consideration both inherent human desires and changing human tastes, Creative Group reviews six factors impacting global incentive travel.

  1. The Power of Recognition and Desire for Experiences
  2. Creating Communities – Welcome to the Club
  3. Unique, Local Experiences
  4. True Personalisation (Without Big Data)
  5. The Politicisation of Global Travel
  6. The Quest for Well-being and Mindfulness

To read the full report, please click here: 6 Factors Impacting Global Incentive Travel 

Amadeus & A.T. Kearney: What If? Imagining the Future of the Travel Industry

The study focused on four possible future scenarios that evaluate all the factors that are, or may soon be, transforming our industry. From the political and economic environment to technology, demographics, and consumer behaviours, an array of trends are triggering a transformation. What might lie over the horizon? Four scenarios assess what might. What conditions would bring about a world without border controls, where security concerns are allevaited and travelers benefit from perfect real-time information. 

Click here to read the full article: What if? Imagining the Future of the Travel Industry

Accenture: At Your Service – Embracing the Disruptive Power of Chatbots

Accenture's research reveals that by 2035, AI will double economic growth rates in 12 developed countries and boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent. More and more companies are harnessing the power of these new technologies today. Take “chatbots,” for example. A wide and growing range of special purpose intelligent bots are driving a shift in how products and services are designed, delivered and consumed. Accenture sees companies use them to engage with both established and potential customers via messaging platforms, enabling in-message purchases and other calls to action as they do so. And within the business itself, bots are being deployed to bring unprecedented operational efficiencies by augmenting human capabilities.

To read the full article, please click here: At Your Service

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