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6 June, 2016
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The must reads of this week, gathered by Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre, focus on developments within the world of Hotels and bookings. The research reports go into the current trends seen in the hospitality industry and predictions for the future.

Consumer Research Identifies Which Attributes are Most Important to Travelers When Booking a Hotel

TrustYou, working in conjunction with Donna Quadri-Felitti, Director of the School of Hospitality Management at Pennsylvania State University, developed a study to which hotel attributes have the biggest impact on travelers’ booking decisions. The study used heat-mapping technology to understand which attributes prompted hotel bookings in eight different travel contexts (business travel, family vacation, etc.).

 Read the full report:

All Things Google: A Guide for Hotels

This guide by Trustyou Research contains the following chapters:

  • Why Google Reviews Matter and How You Can Influence Them

  • Direct Bookings Aren’t Dead: A Strategy for Better Organic Rankings

  • Google Hotel Ads: What Hotels Need to Know

  • Meta-Reviews: Changing the Way Travelers See Hotels

  • Mobile is the New Black: Google Trip Planning

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Duetto white paper: How Are You Pricing Your Hotel Rooms?

In this Duetto White Paper you will read that recent studies have shown customer acquisition costs are rising faster than revenue, meaning your profits are shrinking. The reason? Those online and mobile booking sites that may be helping fill your properties are also taking a huge cut of the action. And new intermediaries and other marketing costs are compounding that problem, leaving your piece of the profits even smaller. If you’re wondering where your profits have gone, it might be time to explore how you’re pricing your hotel. Read about seven pricing mistakes that are costing hotels big money.

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Expedia study: Traveler Attribution

Expedia commissioned Millward Brown Digital to perform a research to show how today’s consumers move between online travel sites as part of their purchase path. The options continue to grow for consumers looking to book trips online, gaining their attention and influencing their decisions further up the marketing funnel is more competitive.

Read this study to learn:

  • Where consumers find inspiration for travel purchases online

  • How consumers move between travel sites across their decision making journey

  • A deeper understanding of the role of OTAs, meta and supplier sites along the multi-touch roadmap

Read the full report:

Horwath HTL: How Online Reputation Affects Hotel Trading Performance

In this report Horwath HTL investigates whether a direct correlation between hotel performance and its online reputation really exists, in particular with relation to its ranking on TripAdvisor as the leading global travel review site. The report focuses on independent resort-type hotels located along the eastern coast of the Adriatic, covering the markets of Croatia and Montenegro.
In addition, Horwath HTL offers some tips and recommendations that all hotel operators can follow to try and improve their online reputation and corresponding RevPAR performance.

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