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30 June, 2017
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Hotelschool The Hague's Media Centre has put together a variety of discussions about forecasts on trends for 2017 and reports on the direction the Hospitality Industry is heading. The focus is on a variety of different hospitality aspects. Today, we have gathered some more must reads of this week for you regarding Marketing and Communication in the Industry! Happy reading!

Hitwise: Travel 2017 - A Digital Marketing Perspective

A study by analysts Hitwise has highlighted a significant rise in the number of Brits using YouTube to research holiday destinations. The findings, taken from an online pool of 3 million UK users, showed sites such as Tripadvisor, Skyscanner and Trivago have seen an average 51% increase in traffic deriving from YouTube in the last three years.

Read the report: Travel in 2017 - A Digital Marketing Perspective

MMGY Global: Inspiration To Destination - Content Marketing For Travel Brands

In this white paper by MMGY Global you will learn:

  • Why travel brands need content marketing;
  • What is (and isn’t) content marketing;
  • How travel brands benefit from content marketing;
  • How to build a killer content strategy;
  • The four types of content travel brands should use;
  • And how to measure the success of your content marketing efforts

Read the full white paper here: Inspiration to destination - Content Marketing for travel brands

Digital Surgeons: Reimagining The Customer Experience

This research report by DigitalSurgeons, shows how the best marketers are tapping into the full range of sensory experiences in combination with digital engagement, enhanced recognition, and proactive service to differentiate their brands. It profiles how marketing leaders are using the principles of design thinking to incorporate physiological, physical, or environmental tools into their experience strategies in addition to leveraging digital, mobile, and social touch points to better engage customers.

Read the full report here: Reimagining The Customer Experience - How Leading Marketers Are Leveraging Technology To Reimagine The Customer Experience At Scale

Boston Hospitality Review: 'Hold on, I have to post this on Instagram'

According to Steve Kent (Boston Hospitality Review), just a few years ago, consumers proudly showcased material purchases of the latest fashion accessory or technological gadget. Now they are more likely to post online about experiences, rather than the consumption of products. This ‘experiential economy’ and the consumers that characterise it are real phenomena and are showing up in travel trends, industry conversations, and even in transactions.

Read the full report here: 'Hold on, I have to post this on Instagram': Trends, Talk, and Transactions of Experiential Consumers

Nielsen: Social Studies: A Look At The Social Landscape

Surprisingly, the heavy social media user group isn’t Millennials, according to Nielsen. In fact, Generation X (ages 35-49) spends the most time on social media: almost 7 hours per week versus Millennials, who come in second, spending just over 6 hours per week. Females spend 25% of their time on social media (vs.19% of males). They’re likely to be on Facebook on Sundays via smartphone, while watching primetime television.

Read the full report here: Social Studies: A Look At The Social Landscape

Skitf & UrLife: Skift Trends Brief: The Power Of Human Influence In Travel Cutting-edge brands are staying ahead of the curveby finding ways to personally connect with travelers through UGC (User Generated Content) with a personal touch. One premier example of this is UrLife, a new travel-tech and media brand that utilises Hollywood editing to create high-quality videos of vacations, family trips, and special events from consumers’ own photo and video content. In this report:

  • How social media is mixing up the communication paradigm
  • Making the most of personalisation with your brand
  • Inspiring user-generated content with special experiences

Read the full report here: Skift Trends Brief: The Power Of Human Influence In Travel - How The Travel Industry Can Transform Travelers' Personal Experiences Into Social Successes 

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