Podcast: Welcome to the Polarity Paradox.

1 December, 2016
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There are no fifty shades of grey in a world where consumers are looking for black and white. Welcome to the Polarity Paradox.

In this podcast Anna De Visser-Amundson, Annemieke De Korte and Simone Williams will talk about their research on the Polarity Paradox, that was published in the Journal of Tourism Futures.

In a society of abundance, we find that travellers do not seek only beauty and happiness when travelling. In fact, the thrilling or dystopian side of the Polarity Paradox clearly illustrate travellers’ emerging needs to look for the extreme. New travel and hospitality experiences are therefore all about originality and understanding that whether the experience triggers positive or negative emotions matter less in a market where consumers want to be “shaken up”, surprised, taught something or seek a deeper meaning.

Listen to the Hotelschool The Hague Podcast: Inside Hospitality Podcast #1 - The Polarity Paradox

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