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12 June, 2019
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Designers and disruptors play a crucial role in the future of food. They create awareness, as well as build connections and collaborations within different domains, to create a more circular future in food. On Friday 17 May, Hotelschool The Hague organised ‘The Future of Food’ event at the Amsterdam campus. During this event, we brought together people who are motivated to raise our curiosity and trigger us to think more intensely about the food choices that we make. Whilst making the choice for healthy and sustainable food more fun, simple and logical.

During the event, several topics were addressed. Matthijs Diederiks is a documentary maker and spoke about his latest project, 12 Liquid Months. In this film, he documents himself for 12 months, during which he only lived on meal replacing shakes. He described the process your body might go through and the effects that could follow.

Laila Snevele presented her Digital Seasoning Project and shared her knowledge about the effect of visuals on your tasting experience. She discussed if we would be able to replace seasoning by visuals (pictures) in the future.

India Rose Klap shared more about her graduation assignment: The Utopian Manual – For the kitchen of tomorrow. In this book, she describes the kitchen of tomorrow. One of the recipes in the book is “edible plastic soup”, a bouillabaisse with a (biodegradable) plastic bag inside. The students also had the opportunity to try this interesting dish.

The food of the future…. Will it be authentic or synthetic? With a background in culinary science, Mr Dimitris Lykomitros gave all students and guests some food for thought. When you take a molecular structure and copy it, would that mean the food is authentic or synthetic?

Boomer Anderson shared more about data driven food. The partner, performance advisor and podcast host of startup Decoding Superhuman, shared his knowledge regarding the impact and effects of food on our bodies. Furthermore, he shared that the future of food will look way more personalised than it currently does; it will become fuel to bring your body to its full capacity.

Caro Verbeek, art historian of the other senses, shared her knowledge on the history and future of scents in the gastronomic world. What were smells like in the Roman times? And what will they look like in the future? For more information, click here.


What have we learned?
During this event, we learned all about the impact of different foods on your body and how we will personalise this in the future. Furthermore, we discovered more about the effects of visual pictures and scents on your experience and of course the future of food; will we be eating synthetic foods? And would that be more sustainable? We would like to give a special thanks to all the guest speakers at the event. We look back to an inspiring Future of Food event!

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