Traditional concierge meets the tech-savvy world of hospitality

20 April, 2018
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Millennials are every hotel’s future guests. However, this is not the only generation looking for technology wherever they stay. Even the modern Baby Boomers cannot travel anywhere without their smartphones anymore. In order to respond to the high demand of the tech trends the hospitality industry is facing nowadays, Mr Smit decided to implement handy in our Skotels. The concept of handy is to combine the highly valued concierge desk and the ability of technology into a platform of only 4 inches.

What is handy?
is a smart-phone based platform, available for Skotel guests inside and outside of the property. This revolutionary solution for guests and hotels offers a wide variety of features that greatly enhance the travel experience. The variety of features will help the guest to explore the city and its characteristics in a more enhanced manner. Through the unlimited local and international calls, the guests are able to stay connected during their entire stay. Moreover, handy has free internet access to allow guests to easily explore possibilities around the city. The phone provides guests with exclusive brand promotions and the latest travel findings that are all tailored to Skotel and its surroundings in terms of a city map. 

How is handy actually useful for Skotel?
Hotelschool The Hague is one of the first hotel schools worldwide to educate students about the latest technologies for guests by real-life implementation. We aim to inspire students that work within Skotel to deliver the ultimate guest experience, combining technology with a human touch.

As the smartphone has an integrated Tripadvisor guest feedback system, it is easier for guests to leave a review. Therefore, Skotel expects to receive up until 11% more Tripadvisor reviews. The facilities and/or deals that Skotel provides will be, according to handy, used by 21% more guests. By means of the comprehensive guest analytics package, Skotel will receive insights on guest preferences and needs which are internally linked to the reservations system.  

The hotel room of the future
The fact that Hotelschool The Hague is the first Hotelschool in the Netherlands to implement handy within their properties, reflects Skotel’s continuous drive for innovation. Additional features that handy can provide, will be combined with the possibilities in both Skotel locations in order to enhance the guest experience. Combining the implementation of handy and the construction plans for Skotel’s further renovations brings Skotel one step closer to having “the hotel room of the future”. 

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