12 Signs That You Are Becoming More Dutch

16 November, 2017
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Are you also getting excited by the thought of having a warm “oliebol”, some “bitterballen” or the upcoming “pepernoten” season? Whether you’ve been living in The Netherlands for only a few months or for already a couple of years, you might be noticing that not only your taste of food but your behaviour is also changing a lot. If you recognise at least 3 of the below warning signs, then it’s true. You are becoming more Dutch!

1. You no longer get yourself into those awkward situations when you forget that the Dutchies greet you with three kisses instead of two.
2. You own at least one orange item in your wardrobe, because King’s Day is no fun without a proper Dutch King’s Day outfit.
3. Your calendar hangs on the door of your toilet, so you never forget to say happy birthday to your loved ones.
4. Somehow mixing a bunch of vegetables with mashed potatoes seems like the perfect option for a winter dinner.

5. You are no longer disgusted by the combination of butter and chocolate sprinkles on your morning bread. Actually you even find it a nutritious, well-balanced meal for the day.
6. You own a bike, and surprisingly you are actually even using it. Yes, even when it’s rainy or icy outside.
7. You are no longer terrified when you hear the emergency alarms on the first Monday of the month.
8. You are becoming a master of sign language. Mainly to signal that something is “lekker”.

9. You think that the windshield on your bike is actually a fashionable item.
10.You still don’t know what the exact word for “gezellig” is in your native language, but it doesn’t bother you anymore. Now you just use it as it is, because there is no better
      way to express yourself when something is “gezellig”.
11. You’ve been saving up all year round for the next “Kermis” season, because you can never be too old for coin-pushers, ferris wheels or dodgems.
12. Let it be the sweet or the salty version, drop is now one of your favourite snacks.

Author: Nikolett Nyúl

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