1950 – 1969: The History of Hotelschool The Hague (Part 3)

6 February, 2017
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At the end of the ‘40s, whilst The Netherlands joined NATO and The Dutch East Indies received its independence as Indonesia, changing times were also affecting the Hotelschool. In 1950 a lot of older boys joined the Hotelschool. These boys were army soldiers, who returned from the Dutch East Indies. The year after, in 1951, a class solely for ladies was introduced. However, after all the class didn’t turn out to be a success.

Alumnus Piet Mulders remembers the following about this time at Hotelschool The Hague:

“On Thursday night we went out and we ran straight through The Hague to the Laan van Meerdervoort, to the new butcher Mr Slootweg who was going to teach us how to butcher a cow or a pig. Arriving one minute too late was not acceptable according to Mr Slootweg. When we came back to school, they were also watching the clock. (....) But all in all, my time at the school was a good time where we actually learnt a profession.”

On 1 September 1953, the first two-year course started (by 1959 the Hotelschool started its three-year curriculum) and the Board was busy with making plans for a new school at the Badhuisweg. In 1957, the Student Association ‘La Confrérie’ was founded.

Alumnus Bert Zekveld remembers the challenging years after the war:

“Cheeeeese! That one word that everybody knew in the year 1955-1957 (...), because every other day we got cheese for breakfast. The war was quite fresh, it had been ten years. Everything was being rebuilt and people were penny-pinching. There was not a serious lack of food, but I wouldn’t say there was an abundance of food either. So we got ‘beschuit met muisjes (a sweet Dutch breakfast) and jam’ on one day and on the other day we got: cheeeeese!”

The ‘60s was a decade of solidarity and time of disciplined regime for the students. In 1961, the Hotelschool opened a new Boarding School at the Badhotel at the Gevers Deynootweg 15. In the year of 1963, when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech ‘I have a dream’, The Hotelschool received over 300 applicants. Eventually only 45 students got accepted.

On 15 September 1966, Prince Bernhard opened the new building of Hotelschool The Hague. The Prince was ‘Act de Présence’ at the opening of the new Hotelschool building at the Brusselselaan 2, in Scheveningen.

Former student Emil Schaefer, said the following about this event:

“The years were the first in which a relation was created between the Hotelschool and the Royal Dutch Family. I was one of the students who was allowed to serve Prince Bernhard, amongst many other guests. The opening of the school meant the end of the period of Assendelfstraat/Badhotel. We were lucky to have experienced both and we are now able to think back to the times at the Assendelftstraat as well as the Brusselselaan.”

During this year, the ladies of the Hotelschool lived and slept in Villa Zonnehoek whereas the male students lived in the new building at the Brusselselaan. Twice a year, a receptionist course was given, which was mostly for girls (95%), but was later on cancelled by the Department of Education.

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