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28 June, 2019
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Are you curious about the origin of our food? Are you a great chef? Or do you want to find out more about life in the countryside? On Tuesday 4 June, our P.A.T.E. (practical education) students, hosted a dinner at farm Polderzicht in collaboration with Boer Bistro; an initiative that brings guests in contact with people from different food industries, responsible for different initiatives. Whether you want to learn more about event management, growing your own vegetables or dairy farming, Boer Bistro provides you with a platform to network and discuss the future of our food system.

Our students hosted a dinner at farm Polderzicht, where they served local products from the Oudekerk aan de Amstel area and the farm itself. Their goal was to create an educational programme, by teaching all guests about the origin of their food, the importance of farms in the process and the different lifestyles of farmers. With this special programme, they focussed on reconnecting and engaging the city youth with the local farm youth.

The evening started with a foraging workshop hosted by Mr de Vos, during which they selected and picked herbs for the herb butter and pesto. Then it was time for the guests to show off their cooking skills. They got the assignment to prepare the butter and pesto, under the instructions of our students and Mr de Vos. This was followed by an apple cider tasting from the local Krenkelaer on the balcony, overlooking the cows being milked. After this refreshment, our guests were seated at the long table in the cow stable, to enjoy a five-course menu.

Whilst drinking a homemade elderflower syrup, all guests could enjoy their home-made butter, alongside their self-pounded pesto with very delicious Herman bread. For the starter, all guests were served an “inside-out steak tartare”. This tartare consists of 70% tomatoes and 30% meat, with the intention to increase awareness for meat production. Whilst new discussions were being led by a discussion leader, the next course was served: rescued tomato soup. This soup was made by a previous P.A.T.E. group and was made of tomatoes that didn’t meet the supermarket requirements and would otherwise have been wasted. 

As a main dish, our students presented burgers from local butcher Vlees van Gijs, with seasonal veggies and hash browns. Dessert was served in an old fashioned “hay-box’’, which contained rice pudding with fresh strawberries. Afterwards, our guests enjoyed one of the best cheeses from the Netherlands: Remeker cheese. Whilst talking about cultural differences and alignments, all guests enjoyed a nice evening between the cows in the stables.

“It was a true pleasure being able to host such an event. Our guests were highly supportive, and we only received positive feedback. This is a project that other P.A.T.E. teams should partake in as well.” P.A.T.E. group 7: Femke Hoeksma, Milan Venkataraman, Nico Schneider, Marlene Rhode and Josine Offringa.

A pecial thanks to: Farmer Richard Korrel, team Boer Bistro, Mr de Vos and Ms van den Bovenkamp.

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