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20 November, 2020
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Does Covid teach us about sustainable hospitality?

Sustainability is something which has for long been a hot topic in the hospitality industry. It is no longer a nice to have but a need to have. And the Covid-19 crisis ‘helped’ in this regard. When the first International Hospitality Management Symposium in 2019 on hospitable futures took place, we could not oversee what the impact of this crisis could be or how forward-looking its overarching theme would be. The subtitle of the symposium was: Preparing talents and understanding the technology to create meaningful encounters. It resulted in the following book:

Sustainable Hospitality Management: Designing Meaningful Encounters with Talent and Technology

Scholars and professionals joined the symposium to speak about the sustainability of the hospitality industry, a topic that is rather challenging in times of crisis. Whereas before sustainability and technology were topics that the industry gradually tried to incorporate in their strategy and operations, they sort of ‘overtook’ the agenda’s of hospitality businesses during and due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

Many people are yearning to go back to ‘old times’, however, it is most likely that things changed for good. All the more reason to look into the combination of meaningful encounters, (future) professionals, technology and the question how hospitality can add value to this.

The book is divided into three parts. Firstly, it focuses on hospitality and experience. Different perspectives and domains are discussed. Next, it looks at talented employees and the way in which they find their way in the hospitality industry. And thirdly, it looks at the important drivers, sustainability and technology, (of innovation) in the hospitality industry.

The book has been edited by Huub Ruël and Angelique Lombarts from the  Research Centre at Hotelschool The Hague. The research center studies the future of hospitality and tourism with the mission to contribute to the social and economic sustainability and the circulartity of hospitality and tourism. This book Sustainable Hospitality Management-24 has been be published electronically and in print by Emerald Publishers.

Huub Ruël and Angelique Lombarts (eds.), Sustainable Hospitality Management: Designing Meaningful Encounters with Talent and Technology. 216 pagina’s. Bingley (UK): Emerald Publishing Limited. ISBN: 9781839092664. Available via: Emerald Bookstore 

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In 2010 Hotelschool The Hague has founded a university-wide Research Centre. This centre encourages interdisciplinary research with a strong practice-oriented focus, and (inter)national collaborative dimensions. The Research Centre of the hotel school is anticipated to become a major driver of the integration of programmed research, innovations in industry practice, and the educational programme.

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