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10 July, 2017
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Creative Discovery and Innovation is a Phase III elective, where students create and innovate hospitality concepts for their case company. We had the pleasure to attend four presentations, where teams of 4 to 5 students were presenting their innovative concepts for “Van Kleef”, the producer of one of the most well-known Dutch jenevers. Our students presented an excellent level of creativity, and two teams have been awarded with 100 points.

During the last block, our CDI students from The Hague worked on a challenging case for Van Kleef Museum and Distillery in The Hague. On Thursday 6 July, the students had the amazing opportunity to present their concepts to Hotelschool The Hague Alumna, Fleur Kruyt, from the case company Van Kleef.

The students presented a number of interesting ideas:

Team One comprising of Gilles, Cas, Matthijs, Kiki vd V and Saskia, called their concept The Mixologist by Van Kleef.  Their idea was to create a secret cocktail bar in the backstreets of The Hague, where Van Kleef could introduce itself to a new, younger target market. 

Team Two comprising of Jesse v L, Jesse K, Kiki vd B, Roos and Milan, called their concept The Jenever Kever

“We have created the “Jenever Kever” (a VW Beetle car), that will be used by bartenders to serve beverages made from a high quality “Van Kleef” jenever. This retro car will be present at the food truck festivals at several locations in The Netherlands” – said Roos, a student of CDI course. 

Team Three comprising of Raynor, Kaylee, Daniel, Lotte and Gioia, called their concept Bar 2 (Squared). Their idea was to create a Bar in a Bar, for Van Kleef to introduce Jenever to a new, younger target market.

Team Four comprising of Noemi, Wouter, Megan, Lilly and Clemens, called their concept The Pharmacy.  They wanted to create a cosy and eclectic bar, stocked with jenever and served in laboratory glassware. The idea behind this project was inspired from the 16th century, when jenever was used as a medicine. The menu would consist of alcoholic cures for for example a fever or hangover. 

Lecturers Ms Williams and Mr Bosman were very enthusiastic about the concepts."The presentations were exceptional, the teams pulled out all the stops.  We experienced mysterious invitations, mood boards, mood videos, working demos, customer insight videos, cocktail workshops, role plays, social media links and a customer journey monopoly. A big thank you to all the students for their creativity and commercialism (all teams passed Finance) in what proved to be a very inspiring assignment, you were really working as consultants." 

For Fleur Kruyt from the case company Van Kleef, it was difficult to select the winner. She loved several elements of all projects, but in the end she decided to reward two teams. According to Van Kleef, the winners were Team Two, The Jenever Kever and Team Four, The Pharmacy. 

We would like to thank our Alumna Fleur for the inspiring and challenging case, the Lecturers for organising this great and inspiring course and the students for their very creative ideas.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Acadmic Year!

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