A Day To Remember: Michelin Guide 2018

20 December, 2017
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On 11 December, the Michelin Guide 2018 took place at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam. During this special event, top restaurants and chefs of The Netherlands were awarded their Michelin Stars in honour of their hard work. For the third consecutive year, Hotelschool The Hague co-hosted the event with the help of our Students.

Students received real-life experience in different roles throughout the event and got to experience a truly vibrant and inspiring day. The event started off with some lovely a cappella music and continued with the announcement of the new one Michelin Star restaurants.

This year 6 restaurants received their first Michelin Star:

  • AIRrepublic – Cadzand
  • Fitzgerald – Rotterdam
  • Le Restaurant – Amsterdam
  • The Duchess – Amsterdam
  • The White Room – Amsterdam
  • Vista Restaurant & Food Bar – Willemstad

During the event, The Netherlands has also enriched with another three Michelin Star restaurant: Inter Scaldes. Inter Scaldes has opened its doors in 1968 and has received its first Michelin Star in 1977. Chef Jannis Brevet’s menu is inspired and based on Zeeland’s waters.

After the announcement of the new Michelin Star restaurants, the festivity continued in the lobby, where we could all indulge in some delicious dishes made by 17 top restaurants including restaurants such as Ciel Bleu, RIJKS and Liberije’s Zusje Amsterdam. During the event, we have had the opportunity to meet our Alumnus Joris Bijdendijk, Chef of RIJKS and so we asked him some questions:

Great that you are here with us today Joris. Last year, you have received your first Michelin Star for restaurant RIJKS. How does it feel to keep your Michelin Star for the second year in a row?

We are very happy. Of course, always very nervous as well. We’ve got a restaurant open 7 days a week with 130 seats. So every year it is a fight and we did it again!

Yes, indeed you did it! Congratulations. Having tasted some of the delicious food around us today, it made us wonder. What is your favourite dish to make?

My favourite dish to make is definitely, the chicken that my parents always made me. It’s a chicken dish with leeks and tarragon. 

That sounds amazing! Talking about dishes inspired by loved ones, who inspired you to become a chef?

My parents. I grew up in Amsterdam, but I spent every weekend in Belgium. There we had a farm, where we had to work in the vegetable garden. So we did everything ourselves and that’s where it all started for me.

It's incredible to see how inspiration and passion can take one to the top. For some of us, like for Joris, it is indeed our parents or friends that inspire us. But some are inspired by not only individuals but rather things such as mother nature, architecure or technology. Success comes in many ways and forms, but one thing is for sure: you need dedication, passion and something or someone to look up to and get inspired by. Is it a muse? Who knows. The point is to always keep seeking for things that inspire us and keep us going.

Overall, the event was once again a huge success and we are happy to have been part of it this year as well. But of course, this amazing event couldn’t have happened without our dedicated Students and Instructors. So once again, thank you all for participating, helping out and making Michelin Guide 2018 as successful as last year.

Author: Nikolett Nyul

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