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27 March, 2017
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This February, four of our students competed in the EMCup, which was hosted in Maastricht. We are very proud to announce that team LinkedGen, representing Hotelschool The Hague, have won the prizes for Best Case and Best Pitch – Paper. Having ambitious and creative students is what sets us apart as a school and what forms the community we are so excited to have.

The EMCup is a competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools. This competition is an initiative of HotelloTOP and Mise en Place, a networking organisation for graduates of International Hospitality Management Schools. It is an annual event and it offers the students the chance to present their vision and ideas and challenges them to view real life topics from new perspectives. In order to win, the students have to promote their school, follow trainings, write and pitch an academic paper, show practical skills, complete assignments and solve a case. This is all judged by a professional business jury, who then crowns the winners. But how does it feel to actually win such important parts of the competition? We asked the winning team how they experienced their time in Maastricht and what they learnt from it.

Rachel (Coach): I loved being part of such an energetic team during the EMCup. They radiated their spirits to all the ones surrounding them. Overall, I learnt a lot from interactions with the many representatives of the various schools and from the industry. It was a great experience!

Zuzia: I am very honoured to have been able to represent HTH at EMCup 2017. It was a great pleasure to meet so many fantastic people and exchange ideas concerning the future of our industry. Big learning curve and most importantly, a lot of fun!

Lisa: The first day at the EMCup2017 provided us with an insight into our personality after performing a test. This was such an interesting and fun way to start the competition! The second competition day was filled with assignments and presentations. Together with the team, we did not only succeed but also had a lot of fun. The competition offers great networking opportunities especially if you want to work in the hotel industry.

Githa: The EMCup is such an established competition where every detail has been taken care of. Being surrounded by 32 international schools create an energetic and exciting atmosphere. After two heavy competition days, we received two awards, which was such an amazing recognition for all the hard work we put in. I can really recommend other students to join these events as they are not only fun but also offer a lot of career and network opportunities. 

Daan: Competing at the EMCup 2017 has been an unforgettable experience. Our education at Hotelschool The Hague teaches us so much more than we think and gives us an extra opportunity to develop our individual skills. Participating in the EMCup 2017 offered great networking opportunities and gave me the chance to work with extremely motivated and passionate students. Therefore, I genuinely hope team LinkedGen inspired other students to represent our school at the EMCup in 2018!

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