Here & Now Community, and initiatives that helps the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis

29 July, 2020
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Dragos Radu, a fourth year Hotelschool The Hague student of Hotelschool The Hague decided to use his beliefs related to authenticity and compassion to launch Here & Now Community, and initiative that the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Read his story below:

Throughout my years in Hotelschool The Hague, I have developed many skills and been active in many fields, not only of hospitality but fields even much different from what I have been studying. Now, I’m in my last year at Hotelschool The Hague, and about to finish the final chapter. 

The story I will share with you today is about the Here & Now Community project. Community is the reason behind our actions, and focusing on building sustainable relationships based on authenticity and compassion before profit is the backbone of this project. 

In line with this vision and after the COVID-19 outbreak, I reflected for a couple of weeks to develop an idea that would help the most affected by this crisis. In early April, I noticed that a good friend from back home was preparing meals for the first line of doctors in the hospitals dealing with Covid-19, and that inspired me.: I started contacting restaurants, people I knew from the current workplace or previous ones and HTH instructors, to see if they would be open to prepare meals for the ones affected by the COVID-19 one way or another. Two big hearts of Hotelschool The Hague, instructors Joost de Vos and Jan van de Kreeke were very enthusiastic to hear about the initiative. We immediately started working on it. So far, we have prepared more than 500 delicious meals. Some of the partnering NGOs that benefitted from our activity are De Stichting Paraplu from Lisse, Voedselbank Amsterdam and Xenia Leiden. The meals we served were made of rescued products. We were also aware that after the restaurant industry has (temporarily) collapsed, the suppliers still had food in their stocks, so we made use of those products to prepare them for the people that are most affected by this situation, both healthily and financially. 

This is a time of change, not of crisis. It’s a time where we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our values, our beliefs, things we have done in the past, and act towards a different approach; a kinder and more compassionate approach towards one another that does not benefit only our pockets, rather putting that last. It’s a time where building sustainable changes is what matters most. Business will get back on its feet, one way or another, however, how we want to perceive our lives from now on, from all perspectives, is what will define our future. Do what you desire, help if you can, build relationships that last without having an agenda behind, just be there and be happy. Let’s take this time to understand each other better, to help each other, the rest will come. 

As one of my favourite authors, Jiddu Krishnamurti, once said:This whole movement from the past through the present modifying itself as the future, and that future is now because unless I fundamentally change, the future will be what I am now.
Our work will move on, everyone deserves to be well fed and taken care of during these times. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone that supported our project and a great round of applause to our amazing team that made everything possible!

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