Hotelschool The Hague hosts its first International Hospitality Management Symposium

1 April, 2019
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On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 March, the first International Hospitality Management Symposium took place at the Amsterdam Campus of Hotelschool The Hague. The symposium covered a hot topic within our industry: ‘Preparing talents and understanding the technology to create meaningful encounters’. During the two-day event, we welcomed several keynote speakers and hosted a panel discussion, covering trending topics in the hospitality industry. Representatives from the academic world and the hospitality industry discussed this topic, as well as the threats or challenges posed to it by technology. By doing so, they facilitated a discussion within the educational community.

Dirk Bakker (CEO Colliers Netherlands) kicked-off the event with a keynote speech. On Thursday, he shared his insights on how consumer trends shape the future of the hospitality industry, and the facilitating role technology plays in these developments. During the panel discussion with Veerle Donders (Zoku), Bruce Tracey (Cornell) and Jeroen Oskam (Hotelschool The Hague) that followed, several hot topics were discussed. These topics included the challenges that GAFAM, technology, sustainability and China (as a rising global player) pose to the hospitality industry.

Together with keynote speeches held by Rob Blomme (Nyenrode Business University) and Jean Pierre van der Rest (Leiden University on Friday), this set the stage for a productive dialogue among practitioners and academics. The International Hospitality Management Symposium facilitated an academic discussion around the papers presented, with the aim to contribute to making studies and outcomes fit for publication. 

Angelique Lombarts (Chair of the Conference): ‘‘ The 1st International Hospitality Management Symposium and the participation of colleagues from various universities was tremendously inpriring. More than ever, we are convinced of the need and importance to bring hospitality scholars and experts together (the human touch). It was great to meet the young and older generations, more and less experienced scholars to join our symposium. The concept of exchanging knowledge and simulteaneously helping colleagues to progress with their paper in order to get it published, challenged the delegates to bring their often very innovative ressearch to the fore. We achieved what we wanted: collegial, constructive feedback to help each other to progress in research and publications. What a great experience!"

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