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28 June, 2017
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On 15 June, the Student Council of Hotelschool The Hague organised the annual HTH Stars ceremony! The event was created to honour our lecturers and intrustors, who make our study programmes a great success. During this festive evening, several awards were handed out to show appreciation for our faculty member's dedicated, hard work.

After a few cloudy days, the sun broke out and the temperature was reaching a lovely 25 degrees. Perfect circumstances for hosting our annual HTH Stars ceremony. The Aula was draped in gold once again and students and lecturers filled the seats. In the weeks leading up to the event, students had the chance to vote for all their favourite lecturers and instructors. So when the time has finally come, everyone was anxiously waiting to see if the lecturer they had voted for, became the winner of one the awards. The ceremony started off with the talented musicians of Harlequin, giving a number of musical performances. After their performance, it was time to recognise those who add great value to our learning experience and make our curiculum interesting and sucessful.

This year, we handed out eight awards, ranging from 'Most Inspirational Instructor' to 'Most Approachable Department'. Members of Harlequin, the HTH Sports Club, the Student Council, La Confrérie, Senti Questo and the Gentlemen’s Club handed out all the awards. The winners of the awards were as follows:

Most Motivating Instructor: Mr Geerts, Mr Lam, Ms Goud

Most Knowledgeable Instructor: Ms Goud, Mr Blauw, Mr Lam

Most Dedicated Lecturer: Ms Koupriouchina, Dr Brannon, Mr Gallicano

Most Supportive Lecturer: Mr Gallicano, Dr Brannon, Ms Huynh

Most Creative Lecturer: Ms Williams, Mr Spierenburg, Mr San Giorgi

Most Approachable Department: La Mangerie, The Media Center, The Service Desk

Most Beneficial Course: MO, E&S, SDV

Most Inspiring Towards Students (voted by faculty): Dr Brannon, Ms Huynh, Mr Gallicano

Once the winners received their trophies and peony bouquets, everyone moved into the sunny courtyard for a barbeque and drinks at the Kinderbar. We invited the talented DJs Jordi Hassink and Alexandre Jacques to play some funky disco tunes as our lecturers and students mingled. Mr Geerts had prepared an extensive Mediterranean menu for the barbeque as well, with the help of Ivana Jovanovic and Selim Ghali. Throughout the evening, everyone was able to enjoy the weather with a cold beer in one hand and a slider from the barbeque in the other. 

Once again, congratulations to all winners of this years HTH Stars!

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