Lecturer in the Spotlight: Mr San Giorgi

23 October, 2017
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Welcome to Lecturer in the Spotlight! In this series of articles, we interview some of our inspiring Lecturers at Hotelschool The Hague. These faculty members make our study programmes a great success, so we would like to share their career path with you. Today's interview is with Mr Aldo San Giorgi, Finance, Accounting, Law and ICM lecturer at Hotelschool The Hague. Last Academic Year, he won the award for the Most Creative Lecturer at the HTH Stars event of Hotelschool The Hague. This event was organised by the Student Council in The Hague, to honour the most esteemed lecturers and instructors with different awards.

But how did Aldo San Giorgi's career start? Aldo describes his past career as splendid and interesting. It all begun with IT at the age of 21.  These were the early days of computing, when hardware and software was retrieved directly from the manufacturers and only large companies had their own mainframe computers. In 1973, Aldo was a part of this pioneering era of technology. Aldo translated educational laws into computer programmes. He coordinated all databases for the Dutch Ministry of Education and Science, where he built a vast network and gained a wide range of knowledge.

After leaving the Ministry in 1990, he became a Consultant. Aldo sees this as his first link to hospitality, as giving advice and recommendations has everything to do with the relationship with a customer. But his link to hospitality didn't end here. He has become a Service Delivery Manager and later on, faced his next challenge as a freelance Consultant in 2009. During this time, due to his professional network, he was introduced to Hotelschool The Hague. He was asked to be a temporary replacement for an IT Lecturer. He did this on a freelance basis, combining it with consultancy for five years. As a freelancer, he was a Lecturer both in The Hague and Amsterdam and soon after, at the age of 62, he received a permanent contract from Hotelschool The Hague.

But what made him so enthusiastic about working for Hotelschool The Hague? It was our Students. In his vision, being a Lecturer is all about inspiring Students. Aldo sees Hotelschool students as very ambitious and driven individuals. “They don’t hesitate to ask you any question they can think of, and this keeps you challenged as a Lecturer. It’s easy to help the younger generation in this school. I often think they are cleverer than I am. I am just showing them how to organise and use the knowledge they gain.” According to Aldo, this passion is also what sets Hotelschool The Hague students apart, thanks to our strict application and selection process. Another aspect of our school that Aldo values very much, is the strict sense of community between Students, Staff and Alumni. He enjoys working in both The Hague and Amsterdam to keep close ties with the entire HTH Community.

Having a hospitality background is vastly important in all different fields according to Aldo. "It’s all about the intangible aspects of delivering service. Service is not a product, and using it to exceed people’s expectations is something that is relevant in all working fields. The added value of hospitality helps a company reach a higher level in the commercial, economic and communicative aspects as well as increasing the level of customer relations. To keep this implemented, it’s very important in order to keep the connection with the Hospitality Industry at all times, not only by keeping up to date with improvements and trends, but also by travelling and keep experiencing new places."

Aldo described his past career as splendid and interesting. But what would his advice to our student be? Well, it is short and simple: “Be candid, be honest.” According to him, being honest and explicit, creates an environment is that goes beyond cultural differences, where people express themselves and be who they are. This is the sort of environment he tries to create in his lectures as well, to make a place where all students can reach their maximum potential.




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