MBA students in the spotlight: Jerry Diamantatos

31 March, 2017
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Gerasimos “Jerry” Diamantatos is 28 years old and was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He is the oldest of three brothers and a self-taught piano player. Currently, Jerry is part of the MBA Programme at Hotelschool the Hague.

“I am convinced that I couldn’t have picked a better timing than now, to enroll in such a dynamic MBA Programme as the one of Hotelschool The Hague. The classes and courses perfectly match my needs and wants, especially given my previous experience. Having a global solid background with multinational hospitality operators, I am now able to lift my skills to a whole new level. I loved everything so far! The management and their attention to detail during the programme are exceptional. The lecturers are inspiring and motivating, and the best thing is that they are very interactive. There is always room for discussion and brainstorming, which fits with our dynamic group. There are so many talented personalities around, and all of us usually undertake many activities together! I am super energetic, and I am able to connect with almost everyone from any layer or perspective. I love being around people, which fits my open and communicative character.”

“I enjoy waking up early to do some exercise. That feeling you have afterwards like you are ready to take on the world lasts for days. Apart from that, I love playing the piano. When I was about 12 years of age, my dad was travelling in Dubai. One day he asked what I would really like him to bring for me as a present. Just out of curiosity I asked him whether he could bring me a keyboard. And so he did. After that, I started teaching myself to play the piano, just by listening and trying to unlock the mysteries of sound. Composing music came naturally, and nowadays there is nothing that helps me re-energise more than playing the piano. You can find me around at the public piano we have at the Amsterdam Central Station, or the piano we have in the hall of the school.”

“I lived in Dubai, where I worked as a Restaurant Manager at Okku. Okku is Dubai’s voted favourite Japanese restaurant, and we’ve won many awards so far. Reaching a nomination for the “Restaurant Manager of the Year” in the “Caterer Middle East Awards” was an extra verification for me to keep pursuing my dreams.

“My ambition is to start my own business at some point. I would love to be able to provide other people with a venue which offers bespoke products and services, and my desire would be to have it in Greece. I have travelled the globe, but my favourite place will always be Greece. The vibe, the open and friendly atmosphere and the exciting feeling in the evenings make me love the Mediterranean. Always keeping an open mind for opportunities, I embrace the chance of being involved in the F&B development of big hospitality operators.”

“Life is about accepting, learning and appreciating. Find your dream, work for it as hard as you can, accomplish it, but never forget to appreciate the fact that you accomplished it. Appreciate the fact that you have made it! Life is a constant escalation of things. One thing happens after the other and they have a reason that they are in that order. It is a constant evolvement of activities that, when you deeply understand them, will make you better.”

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