MBA students in the spotlight: Max Lind

19 January, 2017
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Max is 25 years old and was born in Amsterdam. He was raised in Zeist, after which he moved to Groningen to pursue his BBA. However, he somehow always felt attracted to Hotelschool The Hague. After obtaining his BBA he decided to take a leap and apply for the Hotelschool’s MBA Programme.


"In September last year we started this MBA with 17 people from 11 different nationalities. With such a small group, it quickly became apparent how personal this MBA is. In the past few months we became more than classmates and we built a true relationship with each other. The collection of different cultures brings interesting and funny experiences. As for myself, I try to teach the others about my ways, and in return I learn about why others do things differently. I consider this program to be very divers, with relevant courses and interesting guest lectures from various sectors. I can hardly wait for the so called ‘study week’, a themed week that involves travelling to a new destination abroad. After my bachelors, I took some time for myself and worked for one year. During that year, I realized that I needed to further develop and challenge myself. Luckily, the Hotelschool gave me that opportunity. I can honestly say that starting my master here is the best choice I have made thus far.


“With the knowledge and experience I will gain during this MBA, I want to become a hospitality consultant. After I finish this year, it’s up to me to show future employers, Hotelschool The Hague and myself that I am well prepared for the labor market and able to spread my knowledge of the hospitality business. I believe that hospitality is a hot topic in every sector. From Bankers to Microsoft associates, I maintain that all stand to benefit from the intricacies of hospitality. I also sincerely believe I can be the one to promote this message"


“I don’t really have a favorite place. However, I would love to go to Buenos Aires. My father has lived there when he was young. He told me always inspiring stories about it. Hopefully, next year I go together with my family."

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