MBA students in the spotlight: Rohit Sharma

30 January, 2017
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Born and raised in Rajasthan, the north of India, Rohit moved to Amsterdam to pursue a master’s degree at Hotelschool The Hague. With an educational background in both accounting and HR, Rohit now feels like he can tie together all of his knowledge.

“My family was asking me to come over to celebrate Christmas. I told them no, I am in the Netherlands now, let me be. I just want to experience things like they are around here. Of course I miss them, but it’s great to make new friends that feel like family here. If you are somewhere different that your own culture, you tend to miss your family more. If I am in a different city, friends can still give me that feeling of being home, but when I am abroad, nothing can replace the feeling of being close to your family.”

 “I want to be with people, serve people and be close to them. In relation to my previous studies, it showed me that education is really important, and to do something really well you need to learn different perspectives to look at certain matters. And that is when I decided then I wanted to go for an MBA in this field. Wanting to be with people, work with people – it made me choose and MBA at Hotelschool the Hague.”

I like the mix of topics and information. During the courses, you bring your share of knowledge to the classes and then you just go from there. And there are so many topics that are brought in by everyone, there is now hardly any topic left that I don’t like. I just haven’t had any lecture or guest lecture that makes me go home thinking ‘I didn’t like it that much’.

“We go from statistics, to debating, we cover everything. I love the fact that we don’t constantly focus on hospitality, we look at hospitals, airlines, anything service related! The professors are so interactive, they challenge you to bring out your opinion, challenge yourself, and they want to learn from us as well.”

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