The Ones Who Inspire Us: Hoscars 2017

14 December, 2017
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On 7 December, Student Council Amsterdam hosted their annual Hoscars ceremony once again. The aim of the event was to reward and recognise Lecturers and Instructors that contribute to the great success of Hotelschool The Hague. During the evening, several awards were handed out accompanied by live entertainment and a gala dinner. According to tradition, all the proceeds were donated to the charity foundation: School of Life.

In the weeks prior to the event, students had the chance to vote for their favourite Lecturers and Instructors in nine different categories. The candidates with the top three scores were nominated and officially invited to the ceremony.

For the purpose of the event, Les Saveurs and La Mangerie in the Amsterdam Campus were redecorated and turned into a festive gala venue. The evening started off with a cocktail reception in Les Saveurs, where guests were welcomed with a bubbly drink and could mingle, before moving to La Mangerie for the gala dinner.

The dinner was created and prepared by the MOs and PEs of La Mangerie and was accompanied by live performances of professional musicians Jamie Holton and Jelto Makris.

The ceremony was guided by Mozes Janse and all the awards were given by members of the Student Council. In total, a record of 11 Hoscars were given to Lecturers and Instructors. The big winners of the evening were:

  • Most Inspiring Lecturer: Mr Gallicano
  • Most Sarcastic Lecturer: Mr de Vries
  • Most Creative Clothing Style: Mr Oehlers
  • Best Accent: Mr. Goulding and Ms Mazzali
  • Best Story-teller: Mr Bakker
  • Best Motivator: Ms van den Bovenkamp
  • Most Passionate Instructor: Ms van den Bovenkamp
  • Most Distinguishable Voice: Mr Bakker
  • Funniest Instructor: Mr Splinter
  • Surprise Prize - The Most Entertaining Guest: Mozes Janse

The awards were presented during the dinner breaks and all the proceeds of the event were donated to the charity foundation: School of Life. The newly inaugurated board of the charity foundation also gave a small introduction about their work.

During the evening, all guests had the chance to vote again for a special category, “The Most Entertaining Guest” of the evening and the winner was Mozes Janse, our MC of the evening!

In total, we managed to raise more than 600€ to be donated to School of Life, increasing the donation by more than 7 times compared to the previous year! We would like to thank all our guests again that contributed to this great amount!

Lecturers, Instructors and Students all enjoyed this exciting evening, which was full of surprises. Once again, the Hoscars was a great success! Congratulations to the winners of the evening!

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