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26 November, 2020
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We believe our students learn best by being immersed in the real world of hospitality. Therefore, our curriculum has a very hands-on, practical dimension. We educate our students to become empathetic, socially skilled leaders in hospitality. This is acquired though developing projects throughout the bachelor programme. A group of five students developed the “A paradise for normal people’’ project which combines hospitality and raising awareness regarding illegal refugees. Read their story:

When an asylum seeker reaches The Netherlands, a procedure of six days is set in motion in which they have multiple interviews with the IND (Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst) who evaluate the application for asylum. The project of these five students focuses on the asylum seekers that do not receive a residence permit and are expected to return to their country of origin. However, some do not return and stay in the Netherlands. Several organisations are committed to help them, one of them being ‘MOO’ (Medisch Opvangproject voor Ongedocumenteerde).

In collaboration with MOO, the students came in contact with three refugees, Haidr, Komathy and Amir. They were invited to The Kitchen in our campus in Amsterdam to teach us to cook traditional dishes from their respective countries. Amir shared how to make ‘Aash’, a typical Iranian comfort food. Komathy shared how to make her mom’s eggplant curry and included a traditional recipe for a tapioca pearl pudding dessert, which they usually enjoy during special events like weddings, but are also eaten at funerals. Haidr shared how to make the Iraqi version of the well-known dolmas, which are vine leaves filled with lamb and rice, as well as including a lamb and pistachio recipe. After cooking these dishes together and having learned the stories behind them, the five students continued the project by transforming the dishes into fine dining options. 

As the catering industry is currently closed due to the guidelines of the Dutch authorities to slow down the spread of COVID19, the food options could not be offered to guests at our restaurants. Before this adversity, our students came up with the idea of collecting the recipes and the stories behind them to share them via an E-cookbook. 

Curious? Check out the e-cookbook!
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