Practical education during the COVID-19 outbreak, at Hotelschool The Hague

29 October, 2020
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Practical education is one of the highlights of our Bachelor Programme. Students acquire the technical and social skills of the primary process of a hospitality business, and they are usually very excited to have real experiences at our hotels, restaurants and kitchens. Students have a blast; our alumni community probably has hundreds of anecdotes to tell.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Hotelschool The Hague had to close its doors, including our hotels and restaurants, which meant that practical education as we know it could not take place any longer. However, we believe challenges can be turned into opportunities, and this is exactly what the Practical Education team did: finding assignments that would have the same learning goals, in a non-physical format, while making it an exciting activity for our students. And they developed quite a few and inspired students to come up with fantastic ideas. We are proud to share a couple of them with you:

The cookbook
Under ‘the masterchef assignment’, students had to create their own recipe, and share it in a visually appealing format. The results are impressive, have a look at the wonderful collection of recipes! 
"How nice to be back in business again, I love those kitchen sounds, the buzz and the heat of the kitchen. During the HTH Lockdown our PE-students did not have the opportunity to cook in our kitchens therefore we created the MASTERCHEF ASSIGNMENT, all PE-students worked together on a 'Corona Lockdown Cookbook'. Students were asked to cook their favourite family recipe in their own kitchen, the result was amazing - a cookbook with 120 recipes from all over the world. When I read it, I heard the kitchen sounds in my head of students chopping, stirring and whisking. I think our students prooved that even when in lockdown, gaining cooking skills is still possible and they created a memory for life!” says Joost de Vos, F&B Instructor.
Are you going to make one of the recipes? Take a pic, say HTH Masterchef and tag us in your insta story!

Have a look at the fantastic cookbook!

Girls' Night In!
For the ‘Create an at-home pop-up restaurant assignment’, a group of students created the ‘Girls night in!’ concept, were the students (all women, by coincidence) created their at-home restaurant around the idea of having a cosy (that explains the pyjamas dress code) and fun night. “The resilience of our students keeps surprising me every day. They took this challenge and made it work. It was one of the best dinner parties I had: on and offline.” says F&B Instructor Hester van den Bovenkamp. The assignment included cooking a full menu, with mocktails and some fun activities. 

Check out the after movie!


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