SDV America: Must-sees and must-dos in Miami

9 June, 2017
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Welcome to Strategy Development America! Eighteen selected students of Hotelschool The Hague embarked on a new adventure and are now in Miami to work with the management team of the Miami Biltmore Hotel. Today, their first week is coming to an end and so they decided to share a list of all the must-dos and must-sees in Miami. For the coming four weeks they have chosen activities based on the preferences of different team members. What a great way to get to know each other better and see Miami at the same time! Enjoy their experiences!

Did you know that this year, the girls in the team are obviously in majority with a ratio of 17:1 (ok, 17:2 if we count Mr Feigenbaum)? That's why we needed to make sure that Willem feels that we also take him into consideration when planning activities. Everyone was excited, including Willem, when our Activities Team, Estelle and Eva came up with the idea to go and see a baseball game. Miami Marlins are a major league baseball team. In 2016, the Marlins finished third in the National League East Series and seventh place in the National League Wild Card. We are preparing out loud cheering voices and cannot wait to support our contemporary home’s team in the big game.


But let's go back to the very beginning. Did you ever wonder how Akiko and Ivana, SDVA Team members started their day every morning for the first four weeks of the course in Amsterdam? They started with a matcha latte, and later in the morning another, and a matcha cake and basically anything matcha-related. When away from home you start craving the flavours from home, especially when you are tired and a bit stressed. During our first week in Miami, everyone from the team could use a good energy boost! We gave our laptops and fingers a bit of a rest and left the project alone to get matcha latte to return to SDVA all fresh and recharged. The best place we found so far was close to our accommodation in the Dirt Miami. Since it is walking distance, it is a great morning exercise to walk there and pick up a delicious ice-cold matcha or coffee. But trying matcha latte in Miami was not the only kind of drink on top of the SDVA must-sees list. 

Aniek, one of the ladies from the SDVA Team admires micro-breweries. The team decided to take her somewhere where we can all enjoy a good pint and can pick up some knowledge about zythology. So we visited J. Wakefield Brewing that today resides in Wynwood Miami — one of the most eclectic and art driven districts. JWB started in 2005, when the owner received his first home brewing kit. “After much hard work, dedication and perseverance, J. Wakefield Brewing finally opened its doors in January 2015, with almost a decade of home brewing experience and a stint at Cigar City Brewing. Brew master Johnathan Wakefield is always aiming to make quality beers that don't always fit the norm such as DFPF and Miami Madness. The brewery boasts wall-length murals of Star Wars characters, along with comic book lithographs. Come into J. Wakefield Brewing today and try John’s favorite beer, La Nada (The Nothing).” — explained J. Wakefield.

Are you interested in what the rest of the team members' favourite activities were? Stay tuned! We have a surprise for you! Keep an eye on the Hotelschool The Hague Blog every week! Follow them on the SDVA Facebook and Instagram page, and on the Hotelschool The Hague Snapchat (hotelschool)!

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