SDV Miami: A journey of a lifetime

7 July, 2017
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As Geoffrey Chaucer wrote "All good things must come to an end” and for SDVA it is no different. We came to the end of our 10 week journey in the world of Strategy Development. Today, we can honestly say that we have never expected this journey to be so much fun. During this course we learnt so much, making it difficult to start the list. If we had to point out the best part we must say, it would be working together with an amazing group of students from both campuses.

It was great getting to know students from the other campus of Hotelschool The Hague and bonding over our initial cluelessness about how to create a strategy from sketches. Figuring out how to tackle the project was one of the biggest challenges for us. During the course in Miami made great friends, who we might have never met if it was not for SDV America. We had the opportunity to experience some great events together, like the Miami Marlins baseball game we attended, the Fourth of July fireworks and all the places we discovered.

Throughout our endeavours in Miami, we had the pleasure to meet and engage in very interesting conversations with Mr Miele (Director of Development, Americas at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts), Dr West and Dr Murphy who acted as our temporary coaches and gave us some great tips on how to fine-tune our report.

During our time in Miami, we discovered a completely different Hospitality Industry. We cannot express our gratitude enough to the Executive Committee of Biltmore, for opening the doors of their beautiful property to us, their guidance and openness.

As a team, we would like to thank and acknowledge the work of our Team Leaders Brenda and Ivana, without whom we would have never made it to Miami. We owe special thanks to Mr Feigenbaum, without whom SDV America would have never come to live. He was so generous to share his knowledge and network with us to answer any questions. Without him we would have never learnt that sometimes you just need to “get over it”.

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