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23 June, 2017
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Welcome to Miami. In this blog article, our students will tell you more about the latest trends and hot spots in the capital of the Sunshine State. This is Strategy Development America! Eighteen selected students of Hotelschool The Hague embarked on a new adventure and are now in Miami to work with the management team of the Miami Biltmore Hotel.

Except for the weather, you must be wondering what else is “hot” in Miami. Trust us, the weather is very hot and it rains a lot… We do not only mean small showers, we mean soaking rain twice a day. But as typical millennials we wanted to fit into the youngster generation, so we went out on the streets, the beaches, the museums, cool restaurants, hotels and coffee bars to see, what is really HOT in Miami. Of course, we were very excited before we left Amsterdam, so we did our groundwork to ensure we would not miss anything. We googled, asked family, friends and fellow students who participated in SDV Miami before. We received so many tips and honestly, we were overwhelmed. We knew that studying and working on the project comes first, but let's be honest, 'trend hunting' is essential for our environmental scan. So yes, checking out all the great places Miami has to offer, will add to the project in the end.

Tip 1: The Broken Shaker Bar
We didn't need to leave the Freehand Miami Hostel to find one of the most hyped places on Miami Beach. The Broken Shaker Bar, which belongs to our hostel, is ranked second of all bars in Miami on TripAdvisor. This place is great for a relaxing escape to the backyard oasis. We often find refuge there in the evenings, after a tiring day of team meetings. Their cocktails are prepared with garden herbs and spices, fresh-pressed produce and exotic ingredients, making them the perfect way to release stress.

Tip 2: The Satai - Miami Beach
After a great dinner, we came across Hotel The Setai and were completely blown away. The Setai is a unique and serene ocean-front hotel located in the heart of South Beach. Its location allows for easy access to the beach and the ever-changing nightlife of South Beach. The exterior architecture of the building is inspired by the International Art Deco movement and the interior has Asian influences. The building, now an International Art Deco landmark, was built in 1936. The Setai has been awarded with the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Award continuously since 2015. What really stood out to us, was the breathtaking court yard and the Asian influence.

Tip 3: 1 Hotel South Beach
Located between 23rd and 24th street on South Beach Miami, you can find another favourite: 1 Hotel South Beach. We found this place to be the perfect location to study or just to grab a cherry sorbet on a hot day. The concept was developed by Meyer Davis to show the importance of protecting the environment. The sustainable concept is applied consistently through the hotel. Rooms are designed in a Zen setting with reclaimed materials to re-energise. By re-using water, recycling wood and partnering up with car company Tesla providing complimentary rides to guests, the company shows that the planet can be saved, while still enjoying luxury. The hotel features an impressive 900-metre long living wall consisting of 11,000 varieties of local plants. The seven dining outlets serve local, seasonal and fresh food. Lastly, all employees are experienced, very passionate about providing service and know their guests by name.

Tip 4: Little Havana
After connecting with the local Cubans in the area, they recommend us a cozy place, practicing the old-school Cuban cuisine. A superb dinner, with a magnificent Cubano as highlight was awaiting us at Little Havana.The evening was off to a great start, and after thanking the hospitable servers; we decided to cool ourselves down with some startling ice cream, avocado, bourbon buns, guava, you name it and they had it! The majority of the team enjoyed their ice cream while walking to a picturesque cigar shop.  Sanne however, did not enjoy the pistachio flavoured ice as much and decided to drop half of it on her dress. When arriving at the cigar shop we were welcomed by our own cigar expert; Don Aléjandro González. He recommended us a freshly rolled Cuban cigar that would not disappoint us. The only need that was not accommodated yet, was a refreshing drink to accompany the newly bought cigar.

Tip 5: Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain was able to provide us with that necessity; an Old-Fashioned with tobacco leaves was the impeccable complement for the ultimate cigar experience. A Spanish live band made the team move their feet and dance until the night was over. Satisfied, we travelled back to Freehand to enjoy a well-deserved night of sleep. It was great and truly amazing. A big thank you to the locals who made our evening so successful!

Tip 6: Española Way & ‘Havana 1957’
If you are looking for a place to stroll down the streets in the evening, Española Way is hidden in a palm tree lined pedestrian street full of restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and hotels. It was the former playground of Al Capone and it is like being in an old European town. Having dinner at ‘Havana 1957’ is an excellent way to experience the famous Cuban cuisine with rice and beans.

Do you find this list too short? We do too! But in the end, we are in Miami for SDV, so studying comes first! If you want to see more of what we do on a day to day basis, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and the HTH Snapchat. And stay tuned on the HTH blog every Friday for more!

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