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2 December, 2020
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As part of their Practical and Theoretical Education (P.A.T.E.) course, a group of HTH students came up with the brilliant idea to combine a school project and supporting a not for profit organisation during the Sinterklaas period. They collaborated with Sint Voor Ieder1, which goal to bring gifts to less fortunate children all over the Netherlands for Sinterklaas day, on 5 December. We are so proud of our students, read their story:

We had to come up with a project that would have a positive disruption while focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Groups (UNSDGs) goals. We chose UNSDG1 (No Poverty) and UNSDG10 (Reduce Inequalities) and decided to contact Sint voor Ieder1.

As part of our digital marketing, we created an Instagram page (@Sinterklaas4all) to help create awareness for our project and developed a fundraising page. We also collected toys and different presents at Campus Amsterdam, which would be donated to the less fortunate children during Sinterklaas day.

The project resulted in a beautiful partnership! It was warm hearting to see our HTH community contributing to our project and a good cause. We collected many toys, 150 eur from our fellow classmates, 500 eur from Hotelschool The Hague and 120 chocolate bars! The Tony Chocolonely chocolate bars were printed with the 90th anniversary logo of Hotelschool The Hague and, while perfectly edible, the chocolate bars could not be given out anymore since we entered our 91st anniversary in August 2020. Therefore, the ‘Sinterklaas for all’ project was a perfect opportunity to act on food waste while also donating these chocolate bars to a good cause. Now, these delicious sweets will make less fortunate children around the Netherlands very happy.


We would like to thank all who participated in giving these children a nicer Sinterklaas celebration. As a team, we are grateful for all the generosity we witnessed and being part of something bigger than what was intended through our project.

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