Stinky Tofu, night markets and a dinner at RAW - Why Taiwan is the new destination for foodies

16 July, 2019
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Do you still think of the French cuisine as the ultimate culinary experience? Think again. For the latest trends in gastronomy, you can hop on the plane to Taiwan today.

Last April, a group of 20 students and four lecturers from Hotelschool The Hague travelled to a special gastronomic destination: Taiwan. They describe their culinary journey in a beautiful digital magazine, which can be found here. This publication is part of their 'Gastronomy Abroad Course', given by Joost de Vos (F&B lecturer and instructor), Robert Gallicano (F&B lecturer), Lysbeth Vink (F&B lecturer) and Stefan Hollen (F&B instructor). In 'Taiwan - A cultural and culinary journey' the students take the reader on a cultural and culinary journey through Taiwan; from stinky tofu and night markets to a dinner at RAW, one of the best restaurants in Asia.

Every six months a group of students travels to a culinary destination for 'Gastronomy Abroad'. Previous trips went to Peru, Wales and Berlin. Hereby, we work closely with other hospitality institutes. For this edition, the students entered a collaboration with the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, located in Kaohsiung. Students Melissa Leusink and Cloé Assman took the responsibility for this trip and organised their own trip to Taiwan, led by their F&B lecturers. For this edition they put together a programme that varied from intensive cooking workshops and visiting the most famous "night markets" temples, to a dinner in two Michelin star restaurant RAW. In order to finance the trip and set up a great programme, the students organised a fundraising. During a dinner, they introduced guests to the Taiwanese food culture.

In addition to the cultural and culinary experience, specific attention is paid to writing articles, creating visuals and networking with people from the hospitality industry. The impressive digital magazine contains interviews, restaurant reviews and other articles about Taiwanese culture, food and history. Imagine yourself in beautiful Taiwan. When will you book your next trip? 

A special thanks to all students and lecturers involved in this special 'Gastronomy Abroad' trip.

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