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19 October, 2018
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On the 5 October, 30 gastronomy students participated in the 3X Power Workshops, where they were given the possibility to create their own dining experience. This was the framework for the culminating a 6-course lunch in Le Debút. In this article, they share their experience with you.

The day started with three workshops of 50 minutes each, which laid ground for the lunch. Chef Zheng, who is an experienced Chinese chef, taught us how to make ‘pot stickers’ together with Mr Koning as translator. They also taught us the culture and origin of the ingredients and dish. The traditional pot sticker was served as the second course on the menu together with the Chinese smoked Lapsang Suochong tea. A tea which, legend says, originated from the Qing-dynasty with warriors drinking it before battle.

Together with Mr de Vos, we made sausage from goose and pork. This was to show how to turn what is considered a ‘pest’ into pleasure, whilst also teaching us how to make sausage. The geese were shot locally, close to Schiphol airport, and treated in an ethical and sustainable manner. The sausage was combined with a celery fennel refresher. As there were fennel seeds in the sausage, the addition of the fresh taste of fennel in the juice, together with the more herbal taste of celery, made a good combination with the sausage.

Additional guest lecturers were Evelien Rozema and Rogier Post. Ms Rozema wrote the book “Plant & Eater – from fiber to vanilla”, which is about substances from plants, their functioning in the body and the use of plant material in sustainable applications. She gave us an insight into plant-based cooking & nutrition. This resulted our dessert, perfect wasted plant-based Verkade brownie, which was served with Union 55 rum. Mr Post, an HTH alumni and now brand ambassador for Union 55 rum, gave us an introduction to the rum. This product is inspired by how Michelin-star chefs and world-class mixologists use mineral salt to enhance flavours. They infused the smooth cask-aged rum with delicate botanicals and rounded it off with a touch of organic Añana salt.

The workshops ended in a 6-course lunch, which in addition to the food and beverages introduced in the workshops, also included Instock’s Pieper beer, made by a HTH alumni. The beer is made from rescued potatoes in an attempt to fight food waste, as one third of all food production does not even make it to our plates.

All in all, the 3X Power Workshops was a Xtraordinary, Xceptional Xperience for the gastronomy students, and gave us an insight in how “sometimes the most ordinary things can be made Xtraordinary simply by doing them with the right people”.

Written by: Kristine Marie Morana

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