You might have heard of a walking dinner, but how about a floating dinner?

29 October, 2019
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For the second time, Hotelschool The Hague students from Amsterdam have teamed up with Boer Bistro, an initiative that connects farmers to citizens of The Netherlands through a dinner in a farm. An innovative and interesting location was chosen to host the dinner: The Floating Farm. It is the first floating farm in the world and for now it has 20 dual-purpose cows. The farm is especially focused on circularity and sustainability and is specifically implementing research activities related to vertical farming and other ways of creating a more sustainable agricultural landscape.

The concept

The dinner, organised by the students - Bobbie, Imèn, Diane, Jonathan Spjut and Ruggero  - was set-up to connect the farmers of today to the policy makers of tomorrow, through conversations about specific topics.

The organisers selected a team of ten students to plan a dinner that would be aligned with the standards of Les Saveurs and Le Début (Campus Amsterdam).

The setting

Each course of the menu was connected to a conversation topic related to sustainability within the future of farming and food. For example, one of the students went on a foraging tour to pick herbs to be transformed into a salsa verde by the guests themselves. The salsa was then used in a parsnip soup to talk about urban farming. Each conversation was set up in a different setting to ensure an active interaction, with the guests as main contributors. 

The menu and conversation topics could be followed in an interactive menu on the website of the event which could be accessed through scanning a QR-code. Background information on the food and beverages of the menus were also available for those interested.

The dinner

The food was prepared in an improvised kitchen on the farm and consisted of:

Amuse - Haste without Waste
Starter - Vegatable Medley
Intermediate - Parsnip Soup with your Salsa Verde
Main - 21st Century Reverse Stampot
Main - Stoofvlees
Dessert - Five Textures of Milk

A website was created to keep guests in the loop about the event, and also is where pictures and key takeaways were posted after the event. You can access the website here:

The results and takeaways

The event turned out to be a great success and the team received positive feedback referring to the evening as insightful, well planned and organised, educational and fun! After the event, we received a message from one of the guests Ms Lori Goff, CEO and founder of Outlander Materials – a company which produces edible packaging: “The food was absolutely incredible! Please extend my thanks to your entire team. The event was exceptional. I’ve not learned so much in one night in years, our table took conversations to depth!’’

It was a wonderful experience for the organisers to get insights into arranging  and catering an  event from A to Z. They were able to put to practice the managing and planning skills developed during their outlets (within their practical “Managing and Outlet” course) at Hotelschool The Hague. One of the organisers, Jonathan said “The amount of planning that went into this event was really put on display on the evening. It was so nice to see what we had been working on for the past weeks finally come true. What made this project so special was that we were able to organise an event that actually served a purpose: to unite young farmers and policy makers of the future to start a conversation about the future of sustainability within the agriculture and livestock industry.”  

Thank you!
Thank you to Mr van Ginkel, Ms van Sandwijk, the students, Liesbeth, the Boer Bistro team and the Floating Farm team.


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