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23 April, 2018
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The fact that King’s Day has switched dates in 2014, has still not reached all tourists. Every year there are many tourists that arrive dressed in orange on 30 April to The Netherlands. On that date, the Dutchies have already recovered from the actual King’s Day that took place on April 27. To make sure you won’t miss out on the highlights, we share the best places to celebrate King’s Day in The Netherlands.

King’s Day in Amsterdam
In our capital, they for sure know how to celebrate (in case you haven’t discovered it yet) and especially on King’s Day, the city transforms into a festive Walhalla. Amsterdam shows a variety of festivals and markets making sure all age groups can enjoy the day.

  • Flea markets are a century-old tradition, where children and parents stand on the streets with their toys and books that they do not use anymore. A nice manner for them to earn some extra money while having fun with their friends. Are you looking for a more relaxed and traditional experience? Then visit flea markets in one of the many neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.
  • The famous canals of Amsterdam are also nicely used during the birthday celebration of the King. Renting a decorated boat with a group of friends and floating over the canals really resembles the King’s Day Spirit. Instead of renting a boat, you could also visit the city, have a drink on one of the terraces overviewing the canals.
  • Kingsland Amsterdam is a well-known festival with 4 main stages. During King’s Day, the most popular Dutch artists perform music that ranges from house to trance and techno. During this festival, you really notice the Dutch spirit and community feeling, where everyone enjoys the freedom and the country’s pride.

King’s Day in The Hague
As The Hague is the century-old residence of the Dutch Royal Family, The Hague is the place to be during King’s Day (and –night). The Dutch national pride is translated in several traditional activities in and around the city of The Hague.

  • The Life I Live is a large outdoor music festival taking place on both 26 and 27 April. Both local and international artists showcase their music on 9 different stages. Are you also on a student budget? Then this festival is the perfect place to be. By saving money on your entrance ticket you can enjoy some extra drinks and bites!
  • If the weather is not on our side, the inside flea market in Scheveningen is a good option. The indoor part of the pier is available for children, families and other individuals who like to earn a little extra money by getting rid of their old clothes, books and toys.
  • King’s Fair is the most colourful and dynamic fair taking place during King’s Day in The Hague. The fair is characterized by glistening lights, festive music and amazing attractions. The fair takes place from April 13 – 29 on the big Malieveld.

Is celebrating in full orange not your thing? Then consider earning some extra money by working on one of the festivals described before! While working, you will still experience the craziness that goes around during King’s Day, but then from the other side of the bar.

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